Four NEW Magical Webcomics to Check Out!

Four NEW Magical Webcomics to Check Out
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For this new webcomics feature, I selected four webcomics about losing and reclaiming magic, about living whimsical lives, and coping with grief. Explore these worlds of witches and self-discovery. It’s all magical.

I’ve discovered several new webcomics this month, but here are four that contain “magical” themes: witches, familiars, the loss of magic, and daily life in a magical world far from politics. In these fantastical, whimsical stories you’ll find adorable familiars, personal journeys to reclaim power or memory, and places that bring out the magic within you.


The Ghost of Fall
The Ghost of Fall

The Ghost of Fall by apocalyptec & erminezz

Michael copes with the grief of losing his beloved Felix. He discovers a kitten and takes it in, but even that doesn’t fully lure him out of his depression. The first episode has drawn me in right away. The art, the storytelling, and the characters are gorgeous and endearing.

Content Warning: suicide and self-harm


It's Not the End of the World
It’s Not the End of the World

It’s Not the End of the World by Hart V

Luna, a witch, has lost all her magic. So she sets out to find a way to reclaim it. But does she really need her magic back? The parts with Luna’s cat are the most emotional for me.

Note: This webcomic is available to read in Spanish.


Stellan's Magic Shop
Stellan’s Magic Shop

Stellan’s Magic Shop by Renirooo

Aislinn Sorrel comes from a line of witches but doesn’t possess magic herself. Or does she? That changes when she stumbles into a magical shop full of potions and curses. This webcomic has a bittersweet and whimsical tone, like a fairytale.


Welcome to the New World
Welcome to the New World

Welcome to the New World by Caelstyx

Mally lives in a world supposedly free of politics. Here, she resides in the countryside with her abuela and friends. A lovely slice of life webcomic featuring Latinx characters.


Know a new webcomic that you want to recommend? Feel free to comment below. I’d love to hear from you!


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