Wednesday Webcomics: Four NEW Webcomics to Check Out!

Wednesday Webcomics New Titles Spotlight
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Looking for new webcomics to read? Well, I present to you four new webcomics I’ve discovered this month that are worth checking out. Encounter the spiritual realm, embark on a space adventure, encounter a world of glass, and explore beyond the woods with these four awesome stories.

A person living in isolation on a lunar station chooses to join a stranger on a space mission. Gods known as Glass Singers create a world through song. The truth lies beyond the woods. A young woman balances the physical and spiritual worlds. These four webcomics have so much potential that you must check them out.


High Spirits Neoma by oroor0
High Spirits Neoma

High Spirits Neoma by oroor0 (Creator’s site is unavailable)

Neoma Cruz of the moon clan uses her purifying powers and connection to the spiritual world to help people and spirits. She adjusts to her new town and school, dealing with her skeptical classmates. When one of those classmates asks her to summon a ghost, Neoma demonstrates that ghosts aren’t the only dangerous entities from the spiritual realm.

The mythos and premise? Impressive. And the reveal about the “ghost”? Clever. Also, the main character is Afro-Latina, which is a huge plus because there’s not a lot of them around in webcomics (from my reading experience.)


Tripp by KotaBlickie

Tripp by KotaBlickie

After being stranded on a lunar station for three years, Kade encounters an alien being called Tripp who has crash-landed nearby. With Earth having mysteriously disappeared three years ago, Kade eventually decides to join him and his crew on a mission to find the ancient race of wish granters known as the Methus.

Okay, this is definitely up my alley and more. The story is still starting, but I’m so excited for the next episode already. Plus, Kade is Black and nonbinary. That’s just as awesome as the premise and Kade’s adorable robots.


Singing Glass by Imogen Mangle
Singing Glass

Singing Glass by Imogen Mangle

Cheo finds refuge in Théa Gorge, but truth lurks behind the veil of paradise. Cheo wants to leave her life in the temple behind… but is this new life worth it?

I’m always seeking Queer SFF webcomics, so getting into Singing Glass excites me. The creator’s worldbuilding in the prologue wows me.


Awasaakwaa by nishgay

Awasaakwaa by nishgay

Awasaakwaa translates (from Ojibwe) to Beyond the Woods. A midwestern gothic Anishinaabe lesbian horror webcomic that includes lore about the Windigo.

If there’s a webcomic that I’ve been looking forward to for a long time, it’s this one. The creator — Anishinaabe, Two-Spirit, and a Lesbian — has the imagination and power of a storyteller, and I’m happy to see them finally putting their webcomic out there. There are a few episodes so far, but I know it’s going to be mind-blowing.

Do you know of a new webcomic that you want to recommend? Feel free to comment below. I’d love to hear from you!

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