Animal Kingdom 6×10 Review: “Clink”

Clink Animal Kingdom Season 6 episode 10 review
Deran and Craig talk about leaving Oceanside in ‘Clink’ (Screengrab: Animal Kingdom Season 6 Episode 10)

Animal Kingdom season 6 episode 10, titled ‘Clink’, showed what Andrew had to experience in jail while the rest of the Codys tried to think about ways to deal with him and hold on to their family business.

I was provided with a free review screener of ‘Clink‘ for review. The opinions I have shared are my own.

The latest episode opened with Joshua and Deran talking to a guy named Finnegan. The Codys were paying him to keep Andrew safe in prison. But Joshua’s concerned because the longer Andrew stayed in prison (it’s already been a couple of weeks), the higher the risk of him snitching on the rest of the family. Due to the type of person that the audience knows Joshua to be, it made sense for his character to be distrustful of Andrew.

Ever since Andrew got in trouble with the police, I could tell that Joshua was going to do something drastic. The way Joshua told Finnegan that he wanted to handle Andrew in a different way was cold. It was 100% expected. But it was still cold. As I have already mentioned in my previous reviews, when it comes down to it, Joshua will always look out for himself. 

At this point, I think that Joshua’s going to keep the option of having Andrew murdered in prison in his back pocket. I feel he only agreed to Craig’s plan to try and break Andrew out of a high-security prison because Deran had decided to side with Craig. If things didn’t pan out the way the Codys initially intended, Joshua could easily end Andrew’s life via a single call without his uncles realizing what he had done.

Joshua’s a planner and Andrew’s a wildcard right now. Finnegan’s men were having a tough time trying to keep him under control. Not only that, but it’s as if Andrew wanted to die as some kind of punishment for his many sins. Joshua just can’t risk Andrew being allowed to roam around inside the prison as he pleased.

A highlight in ‘Clink’ was seeing Joshua going all survival mode trying to fix the mess Andrew had made. The devilish expression Joshua had when Deran told him that Lena wasn’t to be harmed made me smile. Joshua’s murderous side was aching to come out. It will be interesting to see how long he will be able to hold it back. I wonder what Deran and Craig would say when they find out that Joshua was indeed a killer.

With Joshua being busy coming up with an arrangement with Finnegan, finding more about Amy, and pulling in a new job opportunity for the family, ‘Clink’ also gave Deran and Craig some stuff to do.

Craig trying to make Vince go back to taking drugs was a sad moment to witness. I get that Craig’s a mess, but seeing him act like that with Vince was a low for Craig’s character. Vince’s still trying to reach out to Craig. He wants Craig to get back on the road to sobriety. But with only three more episodes left in the final season, I doubt the writers will have enough time to develop that particular thread.

Deran continued to care for Andrew even though the eldest Cody wasn’t interested in listening to any of Deran’s suggestions to get him out. Andrew didn’t want his case to go to trial. He was content with remaining in prison. Again, he’s got a death wish. As far as Andrew’s concerned, the sooner he got killed by someone in prison the better. With Andrew being taken off the board in such a manner, the rest of the Codys will remain safe from the law. Also, Amy and Lena won’t be made to participate in Andrew’s trial.

Storywise, I do have some gripes. I think the writers should have shown Amy’s conversation with Detective Thompson instead of having it occur offscreen. I also feel that legally, the police don’t have much to keep Andrew behind bars. Either the writers want the audience to not think too much about the legalities surrounding Andrew’s case or the entire thing’s supposed to showcase the corruption that occurs in the world of law. In a sense, I wouldn’t be surprised if the higher-ups were willing to bend certain rules to keep Andrew locked up as long as possible. You have to play dirty if you want to take on the Codys.

Coming back to Deran, seeing him try to mend his family’s relationship with the Trujillos made for an interesting scene. I’m with Tina on this one. What Andrew did to Pete was disrespectful. Smurf knew how to control Andrew. But with her dead and Andrew behind bars, the Codys were running out of respect in Oceanside. Also, it wasn’t only the Trujillos plotting revenge, other groups were ready to come after the Codys to become the new rulers of Oceanside’s criminal world.

One could argue there wasn’t anything left for Codys in Oceanside anymore. They had failed to make their family appear strong after Smurf’s death. The most feasible choice for them was to leave the area as soon as possible. Craig seemed ready to move to Texas with Renn and Nick. Even Deran appeared ready to leave. I have my fingers crossed that he somehow manages to reach Adrian.

The only Cody who was trying to hold on to everything was Joshua. However, he failed to realize that running a criminal empire was more than just stealing stuff. It didn’t matter how much money he was able to make or how many people he had killed, it all came down to respect and maintaining a loyal network; things Joshua didn’t have. Smurf had built a “family” business. Joshua’s incapable of understanding what it really meant. 

As for the flashback, Julia and Andrew finally repaired their relationship. The twins are important to each other. And while I enjoy seeing their scenes together, the entire thing is a bit sad because you know what will happen to Julia and Andrew in the future.

Some other thoughts and questions

  • Baz feeling jealous when Smurf walked away to hook up with a young man was creepy. The writers of Animal Kingdom know how to telegraph the mommy issues Smurf instilled in her children (biological and adopted).
  • We finally got a mention of Adrian!
  • I don’t think Smurf’s going to be happy about Julia stealing from her. Julia’s supposed to be smart. The fact she thought Smurf wouldn’t count the money in the envelope made me roll my eyes.

What did you think of ‘Clink’? Will the Codys manage to break Andrew out of prison?

Let us know.

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