Webcomic Roundup: April 2021

Webcomic Roundup April 2021
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Demons, lab children with extraordinary abilities, imaginative and captivating worlds, witches, and more. This month has been invigorating when it comes to finding and reading webcomics. Here are my top webcomics for April 2021. The works listed in this roundup are from WebToon, Tapas, Manta, Hiveworks, Flowfo, and TappyToon.*

This month, I’ve read gorgeous webcomics about characters adamantly searching for missing loved ones, love stories that question communication and consent, and hope in post-apocalyptic futures. I hope you find something good to check out among the 30 webcomics listed below (but really, check out all of them; they’re fantastic), so here we go!


Goth Western Webcomic
Goth Western by Livali (Completed)

In this Queer Western fantasy, Jack resurrects her girlfriend Evie by consulting with the Old God Millustra. Of course, there’s a price. But Jack is willing to do anything, even murder someone for revenge, to get Evie back. A gorgeous love story that highlights Queer people and communities (especially BIPOC) in Western American history.


(Un) Divine Webcomic
(Un)Divine by Ayme Sotuyo

Daniel looks like your average teenage boy, but he has sold his soul to the demon Esther in exchange for her help. A webcomic that navigates themes of morals and monstrosity. Also, the story takes place in the fictional Cuban island of Santaguey, and there are moments where the (human) characters speak Spanish.


Suihira: The City of Water by Riana Dorsey

Princess Wahida worships the Goddess Akia, a deity that the people of Iona have all but forsaken. When Akia appears in Wahida’s dreams and visions, Wahida embarks on the journey to Suihira, the city of water. Along the way, Wahida realizes that faith isn’t enough to get through the harsh desert and know who to trust there. An imaginative webcomic that explores mental health.


Kochab by Sarah Webb

I personally dislike using the phrase “eye candy” to describe visually appealing art, but I’m at a loss of words when it comes to Kochab, a YA f/f mythic fantasy webcomic. Webb’s fluid artwork and level of detail impress me. Plus, the background animations in some of the panels are amazing. Kochab follows Sonya and Kyra as they try to find their way out of the ruins of a palace under the woods.



Mike searches for his brother Sean through Hell City, where demons and other supernatural beings live. Even with lawless demons and organized criminals to threaten his rescue mission, Mike is willing to team up with a demon to find his brother. An exciting and emotional story with characters to care and cheer for.


A Fish Out of Water
A Fish Out of Water by briebdraw (Completed)

Mila meets Delphine, who is strangely more curious than the other tourists. Not only that, but Delphine hangs out on the beach with her brother at night. When Mila talks to her and then turns around, Delphine seemingly vanishes into thin air. As Mila meets with Delphine more, the closer they become. An endearing f/f webcomic!

Check out briebdraw’s other webcomic, Sunkissed. Also, check out more slice of life webcomics here.


Hotblood: Steel Book by toril

A centaur called Rook gets a job as the secretary for Asa, a businessman. When the steel business becomes too difficult for Asa to handle, he and Rook travel further into the West. A Western fantasy that takes place in an alternate post-Civil War/Reconstruction Era. Centaurs in the Wild West and an m/m romance work well together in this captivating webcomic.

The sequel, Zarco, is also available to read.


Moons by MidLuuna (16+)

The witch Viola accidentally casts a transformation spell on the wrong target. Now she has to deal with a life sized Lizard who can speak. I can’t wait to see where the creator takes this story. The characters are adorable!


Necahual by 2Heroes (Crystal & Sergio)

A magical girl webcomic set in an Aztec inspired world. The Gods have blessed Necahual, Quetzalli, and Anacaona with extraordinary abilities. Now their people expect them to fight the demons that threaten the city’s safety. Whoa, this webcomic is truly imaginative and compelling. The worldbuilding and character dynamics are astonishing.


Quarter Spring
Quarter Spring by Gabi Wolf (18+)

Pax visits his lover Rowan, a Fae healer, at the edge of Fairy country. When visiting this time, Rowan is entering his Quarter Spring (25th birthday), which marks a Fae’s milestone to choose whether to live in the Fairy or human world.

I recommended Gabi’s other webcomic, Passage, in my February roundup. Quarter Spring is just as sweet and wondrous.


The Warlock
The Warlock by KurohJ

Aaron finds himself in a stranger’s home without any memory of how he got there. He doesn’t know the way home, so he stays with the elven siblings Lian and Lilly. Danger lurks, waiting to strike, and Aaron must learn how to be a Warlock from his late father’s journal. A high fantasy webcomic that holds promise in its suspense and character development.


Death and the Maiden
Death and the Maiden by ShhhBrown

Amors, a necromancer, makes a living resurrecting the dead. Evita gets caught making potions at the coffee shop where she works and gets fired. Amors and Evita are best friends living together and trying to make their place in life, even if it’s not the path other people want them to take. Sweet and funny and gorgeous to read.


The Maid and the Vampire
The Maid and the Vampire by Yujeong Ju, Seon Lee, & Dolce Yi (creators’ sites are unavailable) (Completed)

After waking up in another world, Areum is sold as a slave to the Duke Millard Travis…who happens to be a vampire. With no way to return to her home in South Korea, she has to adapt to this world called Soltera. This isekai webcomic surprised me with its character development. The story sort of reminds me of another comic on the platform, Under the Oak Tree, which also explores what it means to be in a committed relationship. Areum and Millard have to learn about setting boundaries, healthy communication, consent, and when forgiveness should be earned. Their relationship isn’t healthy at times, and Millard’s character shows that living long and being worldly doesn’t make you wise.

The first four episodes are available to read for free on Manta.


Amina of the Lamp
Amina of the Lamp by heeya & Eeyeol Chun (creators’ sites are unavailable)

Amina, the last wizard, is released from the lamp 300 years after the attack on her kingdom. She grants Commander Jakard, the person who has freed her, the chance to make three wishes. When he takes her back to his home, Amina finds herself in a future where magic is nearly scant and creatures called Fairies are attacking more and more from the desert. The worldbuilding, imaginative and detailed, impresses me.

The first four episodes are available to read for free on Manta.


Lamia Orphe is Dead
Lamia Orphe is Dead by Hadee, Gamunbi, & Seori Song (creators’ sites are unavailable)

Lamia Orphe decides to become a knight and pass the title and position of Duke to her brother Yuli. But things turn complicated when second prince Aquila Theodore arrives for the event. Aquila, responsible for hurting Yuli in the past, seems to trigger past memories when Lamia encounters him. She doesn’t remember having interacted with Aquila before despite him knowing things about her that she had never told him. This webcomic keeps me wondering what’s really going on (in a good way). The sibling dynamic between Lamia and Yuli is endearing.

The first four episodes are available to read for free on Manta.


The Nightmare Witch
The Nightmare Witch by Julian

In a lab facility, a group of children can conjure monsters from their fears. This sci-fi horror webcomic has intrigued me right away with its atmospheric moments and tension.

The Nightmare Witch is available to read on FlowFo.


Root and Branch
Root & Branch by Pinkilicious

A contemplative high fantasy webcomic about an Elf named Lady Ariana who gets taken in by a group of woodsmen after she saves their lives. Imaginative and serene.

Root & Branch is available to read on FlowFo.



Volken and three other travelers explore themselves throughout a wasteland. A post-apocalyptic story with atmospheric images and intriguing perspectives.

LOSTLAND is available to read on FlowFo.


The Skeleton Become a Cat Dad
The Skeleton Becomes a Cat Dad by MAGO (creator’s site is unavailable)

Skelly orders a cat online and receives…a rather odd creature. It’s a human baby, but only Skelly and the majority of demons don’t know that. The baby looks more like a hairless pig or a mutant cat. Skelly’s been scammed for sure, but now they have no choice but to care for this strange creature. A hilarious and cute webcomic that becomes more about found family as the story progresses.

The first three episodes are available to read for free on TappyToon.


Bichi Mao
Bichi Mao by Bichi Mao

An adorable and heartwarming episodic webcomic about cats. Moments that bring smiles and tears.

Check out more cat webcomics here.


Bicycle Boy
Bicycle Boy by Jacarais

A cyborg called Poet wakes up with no memories about where he’s from and who he is. After encountering friends and foes, he decides to search for his creator Dr. Cortez for answers about his identity and purpose. Awesome post-apocalyptic images here. Action packed and emotional as well.


Colour Theory
Colour Theory by Beatrice Huxley (18+)

In what was Ontario, Canada, Margot lives in solitude with her cat Simon for company. And then comes Punch, an injured scavenger (scav). As the two grow closer, Margot realizes that she needs to confront past trauma and abuse to move on and love again. A surreal post-apocalyptic webcomic that focuses more on interpersonal relationships and human connection.


Acception by Coco Ouwerkerk (Colourbee)

The moment Arcus steps into his new school in the Netherlands (after moving from England), his peers immediately judge him for his colorful clothes and rainbow hair. His passion for fashion design even causes his peers to think he’s gay. As the story progresses, Arcus and his new friends become more than what they initially appeared. A fantastic webcomic that challenges stereotypes and assumptions.

Check out more Queer webcomics here.


The Hearth and the Stone
The Hearth and the Stone by Salty

Pakora secretly yearns for a bride at the next Winter Harvest Festival. She embarks on her journey home to celebrate with her family, only to have an unexpected companion at her side. An impressive woman-centric world and beautiful f/f romance.


Help Wanted
Help Wanted by Catuallie

Anne, English major and baseball player, gets a job as a live-in caretaker at the Lynnhurst House. The alternate America she lives in brims with magic and supernatural beings, and the owner and tenants are more than they initially appear. A lovely story with vibrant characters.

The first ten episodes are available to read for free on Tapas.


Awaken by Koti Saavedra (Flipfloppery)

Piras dreams of being an elite knight in his city of Nova. However, an incident involving a woman named Nyl and an aberration disrupts his goal. Now he’s on the run with Nyl and other members of the group Nigredo. Outside Nova’s walls lie an inhabited wasteland with revelations about the War of Thorns and the punishments that have ravaged the world long ago.

I’m not surprised to find out about the shonen genre influences in this webcomic. The characters are dynamic, the action is engaging, and the worldbuilding is fantastic. One thing I want to highlight is the interactions between Piras and the defected Nova guard Faen. The conflict and emotional moments between them are amazing.


The Last Dimension
The Last Dimension by Leaglem

Reading this webcomic takes me back to my younger days when I watched Digimon, Monster Rancher, and other (English dubbed) anime after school. Strong relationships, captivating worldbuilding, and well paced action.


Tiger, Tiger
Tiger, Tiger by Petra Erika Nordlund

Lady Ludovica Bonnaire disguises herself as her twin brother and embarks on his ship The Gallant. She wants to discover and study sea sponges. She wants to explore the seas. Of course, she gets more than she bargained for, including the God Malador lurking in the corners and bowels of the ship. The art style and plot structure are amazing.


Icy Copper
Icy Copper by Toivoshi

In this world, a boy called Copper hasn’t shapeshifted yet like pretty much everyone else. He should have gained the ability to transform into an animal. When a thief runs off with his money pouch, he ends up on a journey to search for his ability. The webcomic’s art style and story are delightful.


Medusa and Perseus
Medusa & Perseus by Himawarrior

In this retelling of Medusa’s story, she meets and falls for a young blind woman named Perseus. The webcomic contains no dialogue, but the images and character expressions are enough for this captivating story.



Have you read any good webcomics lately? Feel free to comment below. I’d love to hear from you!



Webcomics I’ve Reviewed This Month:

One Week by Nero Villagallos O’Reilly (from the anthology Bear Company, edited by Pat Myers)

A Small Revolution by Boum

Strike-L by Tani Andrews

The World Where I Belong by GMOW

What Happened to Us by Ravi Teixeira

Brimstone and Roses by Mei Rothschild

Khepra by Natasha Dancy (Interview)

Vibe by Dan Ciurczak

Strawberry Seafoam by Bryan Golden

The Red King by Heylenne



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