Creator Spotlight: Ravi Teixeira

Ravi Teixeira

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Ravi Teixeira explores representation, sexuality, gender, and the human condition in their work. Their skills span from digital painting to poetry, their work having been featured in galleries, anthologies, and zines. Their webcomic, What Happened to Us, follows the story of two men whose lives have been changed along with their world.

Ravi Teixeira (official website), a Cape Verdean American and transgender creator, conjures emotionally compelling stories about love and interpersonal relationships. They’ve graduated from Montserrat College of Art in 2018 with a BFA. Their poetry has been featured in collaborative zines, and they are a featured illustrator in the anthologies DATES III (Margins Publishing) and CRUSH: First Love, New Talent (Stacked Deck Press). In their essay collections about Les Miserables by Victor Hugo (The Case for Black Enjolras & The Hydra at the Beginning, The Angel at the End), Ravi discusses racial representation and the novel’s political relevance today.

Other than their critical commentary on Les Miserables, Ravi has also worked on a post-apocalyptic webcomic titled What Happened to Us. The webcomic depicts life after the apocalypse through the eyes of the characters. It’s a human story about memory and relationships, how we can change over time no matter what happens to the world. Although the webcomic hasn’t been updated since February 2020, the story so far captivates me with its characters. I’m left wanting to know more about Jesse and Angel. Unlike most post-apocalyptic narratives, What Happened to Us doesn’t focus on the factors or events that had led to the apocalypse. Rather, the story shows the external forces that affect interpersonal relationships. Anything could have happened to cause this future, but what matters in the present is human connection.

What Happened to Us screengrab

What Happened to Us is available to read online. Ravi’s essay collections on Les Miserables are available to buy on Gumroad and blurb. They’re available for freelance or contract work and sensitivity reading. You can support the creator on their Patreon as well.

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