WebToon Canvas Review: “peppermint”

peppermint by lunartic
Ruyi from peppermint

Peppermint by lunartic takes place in Nigeria and follows Ruyi, a college student navigating adult life and relationships.

Ruyi (Ru) embarks on her flight from Lagos to Abuja for her next semester of University. She reunites with her friends and her boyfriend, Rashad, and soon learns what it means to be in a relationship, platonic or romantic.

Unfortunately, Ruyi realizes how toxic Rashad is, even when her close friends have warned her before. Not only that, but Ruyi rightfully suspects Rashad’s been cheating on her. He criticizes her weight and purposefully doesn’t pay for the meal during their first date after she arrives from the airport. Of course, she doesn’t break off their relationship right away.

peppermint by lunartic
Rashad from peppermint

Peppermint focuses on the various ways we interpret relationships and why someone would remain in a toxic one. The story so far shows Ruyi still being with Rashad. The point where she’ll gather the courage to break up with him hasn’t happened yet. However, the plot for now shows her realizing how distrustful and toxic he is. Her friends Fey, Kusha, and Ali know Rashad’s true colors and try to convince her to stop seeing him.

peppermint by lunartic
peppermint (from right to left: Ruyi, Ali, Kusha, and Fey)

This well-paced webcomic shines with dynamic characters and interactions. The creator takes the time to set up the characters and storylines. Peppermint explores the challenges of college life with nuance and grace. It’s a narrative about coming to terms with reality and knowing when a situation turns for the worse.

peppermint is available to read on WebToon.

Follow on Twitter and Instagram. Konklz is the creator’s creative assistant for this webcomic.

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Author: Brahidaliz Martinez

Brahidaliz (pronounced Bra-da-leez) is a 2019 graduate of American University’s MFA in creative writing program. Their cross-genre chapbook, Coquí’s Song, is forthcoming (2023) from Mason Jar Press.

Pronouns: he/they


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