First Impressions: “Vibe Check!”

Vibe Check! by Ucheomaaa
Vibe Check! (left to right: Uche and the Vibe Fairy)

Vibe Check! by Ucheomaaa provides a fun and engaging reading experience, full of promise and potential endearing moments.

After getting yet another comic pitch rejected, Uche decides to call it quits. Throw in the towel and forget about the dream of creating comics. His extremely wack vibes catch the attention of an interdimensional dudebro/Vibe Fairy whom Uche later encounters that day. The day has been bad enough. A vibe checker from another dimension might as well pack in another headache. How is this going to help?

Vibe Check! by Ucheomaaa
Vibe Check!

This webcomic beams with high potential from its first episode. Uche persists in his dream of being a comic artist in hopes of getting one of his pitches accepted. But then the representative of Goss Comix, the comic publishing house, discourages Uche from pitching again. Downtrodden, Uche tosses away his sketchbook in the trash, and that’s when the Vibe Fairy literally comes crashing down to earth.

The story so far hints at a strong bond between Uche and his new friend, with the former regaining his confidence and self-worth. I can imagine endearing moments and interdimensional shenanigans in future episodes.

Vibe Check! by Ucheomaaa
Vibe Check!

As of this posting, the first four episodes are available to read with four more on Fast Pass. The dimensional characters and dynamic interactions are paving the way toward a compelling story. WebToon readers will enjoy the story’s humor and Uche’s narrative arc. I’m excited to see where the creator takes Uche and his Vibe Fairy.

Vibe Check! is available to read on WebToon.

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