Creator Spotlight: Mouna Touré

Mouna Toure
Image from Disabled Cartoonists Database

Mouna Touré (moontoons) creates emotional and heartwarming comics about gaining confidence, being a person with ADD, harpy babysitters, and more. For this creator spotlight, I want to highlight her webcomic Patching Up, which is available to read on Tapas (full PDF version is available to buy at her itch store!).

Black Queer cartoonist Mouna lives in Virginia. She’s the founder of Black Light Sugar Press, which publishes otome/shoujo inspired comics, and the social media manager for the boys love (BL) comics publisher Lovaboy Comics. Her other comics include ADDress (about the positive side of ADD), Believe (about self-confidence), and Patching Up (about a harpy babysitting his scarecrow boyfriend’s brother). Patching Up is as enthralling as her other works and seamlessly conveys a narrative about healing and trust.

Patching Up by Mouna Toure
Patching Up (Cover). Image from itch.

Darshan’s boyfriend Godet has to go to the hospital overnight for some stitching, so Godet leaves his nine-year-old brother Piper with Darshan. As Darshan tries to entertain Piper, he realizes that babysitting is harder than expected. Stubborn, Piper doesn’t fail to express his distrust toward Darshan. But the story, later on, reveals the reason behind Piper’s behavior.

Patching Up by Mouna Toure
Patching Up. Image from itch.

Patching Up is a story about healing after intimate partner violence. Mouna realistically portrays Piper’s justified behavior and distrust. Godet, still healing from his ex-boyfriend’s abuse, wants to begin a new relationship with someone he trusts. I admire the way Mouna brings this beautiful message across, particularly through small but meaningful moments like stitching up a child scarecrow.

Patching Up is available to purchase on itch (pay what you can, starting at $2 USD). You can read the first part for free on Tapas.

Find Mouna Touré on social media and more here.

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Author: Bradda M.

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