Chucky 1×8 Review: “An Affair to Dismember”

an affair to dismember chucky season 1 episode 8 review
Jake, Devon, and Lexy mourning their losses in ‘An Affair to Dismember’ (Screengrab: Chucky Season 1 Episode 8)

Chucky season 1 episode 8, ‘An Affair to Dismember’, offered an enjoyable season finale while setting things up for an already greenlit season two.

A lot happened in ‘An Affair to Dismember’, which was longer than the other episodes in the rest of the season. Andy and Kyle made their way to Hackensack to put a stop to Chucky. However, it was easier said than done. Chucky’s all about expanding his murderous spree. I liked his plan to distribute possessed Good Guy Dolls across the US to wreak as much havoc as possible. Whether or not his master plan will come to fruition is something we will have to wait to find out. As of writing this review, Chucky season 2 is supposed to premiere sometime in 2022.

With more than one Chucky doll running around Hackensack, ‘An Affair to Dismember’ allowed for some fun and brutal ways for Chucky to get killed. Tiffany slitting Chucky’s neck and Jake strangling another Chucky doll (until the eyes popped out) were the highlights. Leave it to the Child’s Play franchise to come up with interesting ways to show gore onscreen.

Before I talk about the rest of the finale, I want to share how I felt disappointed over not seeing Jake and his friends teaming up with Andy and Kyle. A bunch of characters handled a different Chucky doll on their own. I understood Kyle not wanting to involve Jake and Lexy in her mission, but I would have loved for everyone to work as a team during the finale. Maybe next time?

Due to things being tense between Jake and Devon in the previous episode, it was nice to see them rekindle their relationship and become proper boyfriends. Jake being angry at Chucky for killing his father was well-written, in my opinion. Jake had been stripped of the opportunity to mend his relationship with his father and introduce him to Devon.

Lexy got to have a heartfelt moment with Junior as he tried to encourage her to come over to the dark side. Lexy’s grown a lot during the course of the eight-episode long season. I actually liked how her redemption arc was handled. And while Junior wasn’t properly redeemed, at least he decided to protect Lexy during a dangerous situation involving Chucky.

Junior becoming a murderer wasn’t surprising. He was already under a lot of pressure from his father long before Jake started living with Junior’s family. After losing his caretaker, Lexy, Devon, and mother, you could see why Chucky found Junior easy to manipulate. Chucky’s way of dealing with things offered a sense of freedom Junior was aching for.

Tiffany’s relationship with Chucky and Nica served as another highlight of ‘An Affair to Dismember’. Chucky making Tiffany choose between him and Nica forced her to take a stand. I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of revenge Chucky’s planned for her. As for Nica, that poor young woman just can’t seem to catch a break. Tiffany taking away her arms and legs was one of the darkest moments in the Child’s Play franchise.

Some other thoughts and questions:

  • I refuse to believe Kyle’s dead. We didn’t see her dead body. Could she be the person wearing the glove we saw at the end of the episode? Hmmm.
  • I can’t help but still be suspicious of Mrs. Fairchild.
  • So, Lexy’s mother just forgot about Caroline still sitting in the theatre after regaining consciousness?
  • I have no idea how Chucky was able to stab people to death from under the theatre seats, but it was still fun to watch.
  • I have my fingers crossed that Tiffany and Chucky’s offspring show up in the second season.

As a fan of the decades-spanning franchise, the eight-episode long Chucky season one served me well. The narrative struck the right balance of horror, comedy, and camp while making sure to drop a number of Easter Eggs. I’m looking forward to seeing what Don Mancini has in store when the second season debuts.

What did you think of ‘An Affair to Dismember’?

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