Twenties 2×08 Review: New Beginnings

new beginnings Twenties season 2 episode 8 review
Marie, Hattie & Nia in ‘New Beginnings’ (Screengrab: Twenties Season 2 Episode 8)

Twenties season 2 episode 8, ‘New Beginnings’, introduced certain changes for the main cast. With only two more episodes to go, I’m looking forward to seeing what will happen in the finale.

Due to Marie and Zach finally hooking up episode 7 (you can watch my reaction video here), ‘New Beginnings’ opened by showing the two in bed the next morning. I thought Marie and Zach would have a conversation about what they had just done. He’s her boss after all and they still had to work at the same office.

However, I guess Marie’s not into having a conversation with Zach or anyone else for that matter. She didn’t open up to Chuck either when he asked her how the trip went. With Chuck and Marie agreeing to explore before getting married, I think it’s important for Marie to be honest with Chuck.

I did like Marie’s conversation with Chuck’s mother, Angela. It’s more or less impossible to know everything about the person you want to marry. Spouses learn a lot about each other after marriage. And I liked seeing Angela tell that to Marie. She’s being analytical about her upcoming wedding when she needs to be more heartfelt and open about her feelings with Chuck.

Talking about Chuck, he decided to continue meeting Jason. I liked their interaction while playing basketball. Chuck’s got some learning to do when it comes to the queer community. Even though I didn’t think Chuck was being mean when he inquired about how Jason identified, I got why Jason didn’t appreciate the question. Sometimes people are on a journey and haven’t figured out things for themselves yet.

As for Chuck and Jason being a thing, I’m still unsure about such a coupling. I’m ‘Team Chuck & Marie’ so I don’t want any unnecessary drama coming in the way of the two getting married. Media content doesn’t have a lot of examples of bisexual men being happily married to heterosexual women. However, having said that, I do feel Chuck needs a queer support system made of friends he can trust.

‘New Beginnings’ gave Hattie a manager named Drew. Even though I understood why Hattie was excited about such an opportunity, I liked how she took Idina’s advice about how Hattie should be the one interviewing managers instead of being picked by one. Also, Hattie’s script wasn’t ready and having a manager wasn’t going to magically open the door to success.

Basically, Hattie’s been told by everyone in her life, including Drew, that her script needed work. So, I’m looking forward to seeing how Drew (who needed a Black woman writer on his client list) and Hattie will help each other out. Even if things with Drew don’t pan out, as long as Hattie’s willing to learn from her mistakes, I’ll be happy for her. She’s still young and has a lot of potential. I’m rooting for her.

With Hattie’s professional life reaching a new level, her personal life was another matter. Ida B’s still stuck on Hattie. I don’t know about you, but I think Ida B firing Nia involved a bit of pettiness from Ida B’s side. She even told Nia to ask Hattie to call her. I wonder if Ida B will make it tough for Hattie to get a foothold in the Hollywood writing business and force her to rekindle their relationship.

Hattie’s conversation with Idina was definitely one of the highlights. ‘New Beginnings’ had the two talk about the likelihood of jealously ruining their relationship. With both of them aiming for the same thing in the entertainment business, such a conversation made sense. I liked seeing Idina being confident in herself to not be jealous of Hattie moving up. As Idina put it, she’s competing with herself and not Hattie. Will Idina’s feelings change down the line? We will have to wait and see. She’s only human.

Some other thoughts and questions:

  • I guess Nia getting fired will push her to reconsider Ben’s offer to work with him.
  • I continue to like Vanessa. However, I wouldn’t be surprised if she came to stay with Nia because of troubles in her own marriage.
  • Twenties season 2 is performing well as far as the ratings are concerned. I hope it gets renewed for a third season soon.

What did you think of ‘New Beginnings?

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