‘Snowpiercer’ 1×03 Review – ‘Access Is Power’

Access is Power review Snowpiercer episode 3
Layton and Bess checking on Nikki in ‘Access Is Power’ (Image: Screengrab)

The latest episode of Snowpiercer, titled ‘Access Is Power’, offered a lot of progress in the murder case Layton’s working on. And yes, we got more queer characters!

I was provided with a free screener of Access Is Power for review. The opinions I have shared are my own.

I know that there are certain viewers who don’t like the murder-mystery aspect of the Snowpiercer TV show and think it’s a weak way to adapt the interesting source material. However, as far as my opinion goes, I think the current series did what it had to do by following an expected TV formula while offering something different to those who tune in weekly.

With the level of development that occurred in Layton’s case during ‘Access Is Power,’ it’s clear that solving the murder was never going to be the main narrative of this series. The case will be concluded soon enough and after that, you need to be ready for some exciting twists and turns concerning the socioeconomic divide (and more issues) occurring on the train. The second episode showed the Snowpiercer experience a devastating loss, and things are going to continue becoming complicated.

‘Access Is Power’ opened with a voiceover by Dr. Henry Klimpt talking about how important access is to the people living on Snowpiercer. It’s all about what items you have and what you can trade to get what you want. People have chips planted inside their hands. The right chip can open numerous doors all over the train.

Layton thinking of a way to get a useful chip to Josie, without Melanie suspecting anything, was very interesting. We also got to know about a group of janitors who seem to know what’s happening on the train (especially in the black market).

One of the big reveals we got dealt with how Kronole was the street version of the suspension drug being used to sedate people before they’re put in The Drawers. Turns out, Dr. Klimpt was trading resources meant for creating the sedative in exchange for things to help look after the people in The Drawers. Of course, Melanie wasn’t happy about it.

The other big reveal involved LJ’s bodyguard being a murderer. Before Shaun died, he was seen hanging around with LJ’s bodyguard. If it were any other murder-mystery show, it wouldn’t have offered such a development so soon. But, then again, as I have already mentioned, Snowpiercer is more than just a show about solving murders. Once the case is wrapped up, you are in for a treat because of what happens next!

As for the queer representation in this episode, we got to know that Bess is Jinju’s girlfriend. Yay to this series for not shying away from showing two queer women being intimate with each other (while filming it in a non-exploitative manner).

However, their relationship is bumpy because Jinju knows who Melanie really is and what’s happening on the train. Jinju did warn Bess about staying out of Melanie’s way, but whether or not Bess does so, you will have to wait and see.

We also got some development between Layton and Zarah. Even though they both still love each other, Zarah understands that Layton can’t just forget about the Tailies and begin a new life with her. Layton still has a role to play in the upcoming revolution.

Did you watch ‘Access Is Power’? What did you think of it?

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