The Bitching Dead Issue #19 – Going Over FTWD Season 5 Second Half & TWD Season 10 Premiere!

The Bitching Dead Issue 19 Carol
Carol with Daryl’s Friendship Bands in The Walking Dead Season 10 Premiere (Image: Screengrab)

We’re back! In the latest The Bitching Dead webcast Tara, Bekah, and I went over the second half of Fear the Walking Dead season 5 as well as The Walking Dead season 10 premiere. Also, we’re getting a new TWD spin-off. Sigh!

While we used to think that Fear the Walking Dead was a bit better than what The Walking Dead had been offering us, the drop in FTWD’s quality is something we can’t ignore. Of course, we all blame Morgan for it!

As far as news is concerned, the trailer for the new spin-off has been released. The upcoming series will be more YA for some weird reason. AMC seems to be preparing to air a TWD franchise episode every week of the year because that’s what the world needs, more TWD! Sigh.

Anyway, here’s The Bitching Dead Issue #19 webcast!

Some of the messy The Bitching Dead Issue #19 highlights include:

  • Morgan is responsible for ruining the overall quality of Fear the Walking Dead. The writing has grown incredibly bad.
  • Wes is a new FTWD character we kind of like.
  • The writers continue to not understand what to do with Alicia.
  • John Dorie still has our hearts!
  • You too can do anything (including fix a plane) if John Dorie believes in you.
  • FTWD is coming for a sixth season!
  •  Of course, The Walking Dead season 10 premiere was boring. Everyone got together to stop a fire. Wow!
  • Maggie is coming back for the tenth season. She’ll be a series regular for the eleventh season.
  • They’re keeping the kids in a petting zoo, right?
  • Rosita is living her best life!
  • Eugene measuring Rosita’s baby was kind of amusing.
  • Aaron needs some love in his life.
  • We got a satellite crash because of course, we did.
  • The zombie makeup continues to be impressive.
  • We have a very interesting story about Sayid… I mean, Siddiq. He’s clearing suffering from PTSD and with this being a TV show, we should be ready for the writers to exploit his condition. So, keeping on such a track, do you think Dante isn’t real? Is Siddiq a repressed bisexual? And while an online search might disprove our Siddiq-theories, we’re sticking with them… for now.
  • How is this show going to write off Michonne? Will she leave the kids behind?
  • Carol and Daryl’s friendship continues to be awesome. And yes, Carol needs to go and kill Alpha already.

What did you think of the FTWD and TWD episodes we covered in The Bitching Dead Issue 19?

Feel free to share your thoughts with us.

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