“Teen Wolf The Movie” Is Yet Another Attack by Jeff Davis Against the Fandom!

Teen Wolf The Movie review
Teen Wolf The Movie (Screengrab: Trailer)

In a brand of petty that seems unique to Jeff Davis, Teen Wolf The Movie is yet another attack on the fandom, especially the Sterek and Stydia fans.

When the news about a Teen Wolf movie being an actual thing was confirmed, I had some concerns. I get that Tyler Posey’s been howling about doing a movie for a bunch of years now. But considering the Teen Wolf show ended in 2017, it seemed too soon to have a “reunion” movie. My concerns were turned into “Just scrap it now!” when news broke that Dylan O’Brien and Arden Cho said no to being part of a movie that, take note, would feature a narrative around the Nogitsune. You know, the season 3 big bad that was deeply connected to O’Brien’s Stiles Stilinski and Cho’s Kira Yukimura?

One would assume that Davis would rework the script after O’Brien and Cho’s refusal. But nopes. If there’s one thing Davis will do, it’s show the world that no one has the power to steer him away from manifesting his creativity.

So, with Stiles and Kira off the board, Teen Wolf The Movie decided to give the fandom two new characters named Eli *Stilinski* Hale and *Not-Kira* Hikari, played by Vince Mattis and Amy Lin Workman, respectively. And I have to say that I really felt sorry for the young actors. They did what they could with what was given to them, even though what they got was not well-written.

All I know about Hikari is that she’s a Kitsune who is also in love with Liam. And for some reason, she and Liam were off living in Japan. Hikari had no layers to her and the characterization she does get will likely be due to the audience unintentionally imprinting Kira’s backstory onto her. I mean, I had to catch myself from doing that whenever she was onscreen, especially during the final fight where she used her Fox cloak to protect Alpha Scott McCall (Tyler Posey). And unless I’m mistaken, Kira’s not mentioned at all in the film.

And how did the Fox cloak transfer thing even work? How did she and Scott come up with the same plan after sharing just one look? And how did the Fox cloak have the power to remove the blood stains from Scott’s shirt? I don’t know about you, but I would have been running a very successful laundromat if I had her powers.

As for Eli, he’s just introduced as Derek Hale’s (Tyler Hoechlin) teen son without any explanation about who his mother was or when the heck did Derek even have the time to father a son during what he’s been through in the Teen Wolf timeline. Not only that, but Eli’s clearly a copy of Stiles. He resembled Stiles, dressed up like him, had a weird interest in Stiles’ old jeep, and even acted like him. Heck, even the name Eli sounded like something his *not grandfather* Noah Stilinski (Linden Ashby) would have suggested.

As expected, Eli’s yet another way for Jeff Davis to continue baiting Sterek fans. Eli’s clearly a hybrid of Derek and Stiles, but the movie never confirmed it. Not only that but there’s an entire scene during Derek’s funeral where Noah gave Eli the keys to Stiles’ old jeep and shared how Derek had “complicated” feelings toward the jeep. It’s such blatant Sterek queerbait that I couldn’t help but laugh at how pathetic it was.

Derek’s funeral also had Noah talk about how Derek’s the type of character who always let himself be punished to protect those he loved. And that his resilience was similar to how resilient the jeep was.

Like, what the heck?

And now that I have mentioned it, let’s talk about Derek’s death during the finale. In order for the heroes to defeat the Nogitsune, it needed to be burned away by Jordan Parrish (Ryan Kelley), the resident Hellbound. However, due to the Nogitsune being too strong for Jordan, Derek decided to hold the dark being down after pushing Scott away. So, yeah, Derek had himself burn alive in front of his teen son to save everyone.

Also, no matter how you looked at it, having Derek Hale, who basically had his entire family burned alive also die by fire is just twisted storytelling. I can imagine Jeff Davis cackling to himself when he came up with that.

With Stiles gone, Stydia shippers didn’t fare any better either. Apparently, Lydia (Holland Roden) decided to break up with Stiles because of a premonition she had about Stiles dying in a car accident. Which… okay?

Also, having the premonition be about Stiles dying in a vehicle accident, especially after what Dylan O’Brien went through in real life… Again, I can imagine Davis cackling.

Debuting back in 2011 and running for six seasons, Sterek and Stydia were the two biggest ships to come out of Teen Wolf. And seeing a “reunion” movie deliberately try to hurt said ships that did a lot to make the show popular in the first place made no creative sense to me. But it made all the sense when I looked at it from how Davis is the type of person who would make such decisions. 

Teen Wolf The Movie was about bringing back Scott’s relationship with Allison Argent (Crystal Reed) even though a whole lot of Teen Wolf’s already messed up lore and timelines had to be put through the wringer to make it happen. And the way it was handled left me confused. Did Allison age in purgatory or was she still a teen upon being revived while Scott’s in his 30s and they are together? Hmmm.

And yes, I’m going to say it. Who the heck cares about Scott stans? There were never enough of them to have any impact (positive or negative) on the show to begin with anyway. You might not like reading that, but it’s the truth as far as online engagement and viewership numbers are concerned. Characters other than Scott were able to garner much bigger fandoms.

And seeing the Teen Wolf movie bending over backward to give Scott and Allison a happy ending while Derek got killed off, even though some of the most loyal Teen Wolf fans were Derek stans, was just wow!

Again, no one gets to tell Jeff Davis anything when it comes to realizing the type of story (that no one really asked for) that he wants to tell.

Clocking in at 140 minutes to be considered an “actual” film (even though the directing, editing, and the budget say otherwise), Teen Wolf The Movie became available to stream on Paramount+ on January 26, 2023.

Did you watch it? What did you think of it?

Let us know.

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7 thoughts on ““Teen Wolf The Movie” Is Yet Another Attack by Jeff Davis Against the Fandom!

  1. Still, it always comes down to a ship that never existed with two actors who never wanted to play it Hoechlin “it’s disrespectful to consider my character gay” and O’Brien “I never saw Stiles as Bi”
    Who cares about Scott Stans? You do, clearly. And for the record knowing that O’Brien wasn’t in it and Sterek was a fever dream. The movie literally on the back of Posey it did amazing in ratings. Had it failed you would have happily blamed Posey so the success is his too. This author is a joke and makes this website one too. If there was any actual criticism beyond “Wah, I didn’t get what the show never promised me” maybe it could be taken seriously. If they talked about characters like Mason needing more air time.

    This is literally nothing more then a bitter shipper trying to play grown up journalist.

    And failing.

    1. Jeff, is that you? Are you butthurt the shippers who carried Teen Wolf all these years despite how much you hated us for it didn’t like your boring, empty movie?

      1. Carried all these years? Even if that were true how embarrassing that you keeping a show alive that don’t want you. If you have a degradation kink fine, but acting like you don’t know you will get nothing and keep coming back….. Not to mention you still watching the movie and giving it ratings. Like those dumbasses who buy something just to burn it in protest lol. See you for the next movie.

    2. Tyler Hoechlin carried the Teen Wolf Movie on his back, and the ones who watched it only watched it for Derek and Eli Hale. The only thing Posey ever carried on his back was Teen Wolf Season 6A&B – aka the Scott centric season in which Posey said “I felt like the leader and star of my own show again!”. The results? Its rating were so embarrassingly low that the show got cancelled (oops! )

      Once again, Scott, Posey and Posey’s shitty acting got eclipsed by Dylan (despite him rejecting the Teen Wolf Movie alongside Arden Cho), Derek, Eli and Sterek.

      Why do you think Posey keeps whining and begging for more Teen Wolf movies that focus on Scott? Because he’s desperate, unemployed, and hates not being the center of attention.

      Anyway. Just admit you are bitter because everyone’s mocking Jeff and Posey’s shitty excuse of a self insert fanservice revival (the reviews mention Posey only to point out that he can’t act and that Hoechlin and Colton were the only decent actors of the movie) and because they are getting called out for treating Arden like trash (plus erasing Kira from her own narrative) and go back harassing non Scott/Posey fans on twitter. We all know you have more than one account, Michael…

      Or should I call you brydeswhale? Ford_Frontier?

      1. You still watch though and will be watching the next one. Even though Derek is ashes and O’Brien wants nothing to do with that ship lol

    3. All of your so-called jabs at me and my review would have been valid IF the Teen Wolf Movie was being recieved well by critics and my review was the only one that was negative because “Wah, I didn’t get what the show never promised me”… Lol… Teen Wolf The Movie is a poorly written and constructed film whether one is a Sterek Shipper or not… Of course, it did well in ratings (according to Paramount Plus… so who knows what the “actual” viewing numbers are) because people were going to tune-in to watch the dumpster fire regardless.

      1. Yeah, but those critics actually listed valid concerns beyond moaning they didn’t get the ship they wanted. Nothing on your review had anything to do with the movie, but from a grievance that is a decade old. Grow up, move on. Plenty of other white boy ships to obsess over. Some you might actually get the chance to have. Because this? This ain’t it.

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