“Sasuke Retsuden” Manga Issue 7 – Part 1 – Review

Sasuke Retsuden manga issue 7 part 1 review
Sasuke gets attacked by Meno (Screengrab: Sasuke Retsuden Manga Issue 7 – Part 1)

Sasuke Retsuden manga issue 7 part 1 had some major developments. Unfortunately, a particularly crucial moment was spoiled by the most recent anime episode.

The fact that the Sasuke Retsuden anime and manga adaptations are happening so close together is definitely making the fandom feel a certain way. If you don’t want any spoilers at all, I would suggest sticking to one version. If you started the Sasuke Retsuden manga first, I would recommend binge-watching the anime arc once the manga is done. And if you want to continue watching the anime, then try not to read the manga until the anime is over in a couple more episodes.

Episode 284 of the Boruto anime really spoiled a major moment between Sasuke and Meno that occurred in Sasuke Retsuden manga issue 7 part 1. And with how things have been progressing in the anime, more spoilers await manga readers. So, be warned.

The latest chapter opened with Sasuke and Sakura noting a bunch of pteranodons in the sky and deciding to head back to the Tatar Observatory to apprehend Zanzul. However, on their way there, Sasuke noticed the pteranodons flying in a different direction. So, he asked Sakura to keep going to capture Zanzul while he handled the resurrected flying beasts.

With Sasuke separated from Sakura, the manga team allowed Sasuke to learn what Zanzul’s been up to. It’s revealed that Zanzul had been riding one of the pteranodons and was already on his way to meet up with Sasuke.

We got confirmation about certain questions. The assets that Prime Minister was inquiring about were indeed an army of resurrected dinosaurs being created at the Tatar Observatory. Zanzul thought of himself as the brain behind the government and was looking to be rewarded with an important political position for his loyalty to the Prime Minister after the current plan’s fruition.

As for the Jutsu being used to bring the dinosaurs back to life, Sasuke was able to connect the dots once Meno appeared on the scene. Sasuke didn’t notice a tag embedded into Meno’s head. So, that meant the Resurrection Jutsu was a bit different from the Eno Tensei that Sasuke was familiar with.

A major reveal involved Sasuke using his Sharingan to look at Zanzul’s chakra. Sasuke was surprised to find out that Zanzul didn’t have enough chakra in him to be considered a shinobi. So, who was using the Resurrection Jutsu to revive the dinosaurs? While that’s quite a plot twist, it was, unfortunately, spoiled by the anime which, for some reason, decided to tell the audience early on that Zanzul wasn’t operating alone inside the Tatar Observatory.

With Zanzul heading back to the Tatar Observatory, leaving Meno to kill Sasuke, another major moment involved Sasuke overriding Meno’s mind control with his own chakra. While it was nice to see the action from the anime play out in the manga panels, it was still a bit lackluster because anime viewers already knew what Sasuke was going to do.

Sasuke getting himself a pet velociraptor by infusing his own chakra into the beast via Meno’s tongue was a cool development. But we all know that the pet dino won’t last long because Sasuke will need to figure out a way to undo the Resurrection Jutsu.

Coming to Sakura, she’s running into even bigger dinosaurs because the Tatar Observatory got attacked by a bunch of Spinosaurus. I’m so excited! I just can’t wait to see Sakura punch them down!

Zanzul wanted all of the prisoners to be eaten alive because he couldn’t risk having any witnesses. However, the prisoners are in luck because Sasuke and Sakura will try to protect as many people as possible.

The Sasuke Retsuden manga is nearing its conclusion. And as someone who has read the novel, I can’t wait to see another Sakura and Sasuke moment being depicted as well as a couple of other twists!

What did you think of Sasuke Retsuden manga issue 7 part 1? Did the anime spoil the chapter for you?

Let us know.

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