“Boruto: Naruto Next Generations” 1×135 Review – ‘The Last Battle, Urashiki’

The Last Battle Urashiki Boruto anime 135 review
Boruto and Naruto in ‘The Last Battle, Urashiki’ (Image: Screengrab)

The latest episode of the Boruto anime, titled ‘The Last Battle, Urashiki,’ finally showed us Urashiki’s fate. The final fight was fun. However, I was expecting a bit more awesomeness. Anyway, let’s see which arc the anime decides to do next.

One of the things I don’t like about anime is how heroes give villains the time to undergo transformations to enhance their overall power ranking. The fact that ‘The Last Battle, Urashiki’ showed Boruto and the rest allowing Urashiki to get up and eat his two eyes made no sense to me. There was enough time for Jiraiya to throw a Rasengan or some other attack at the enemy. 

Anyway, I kind of liked Urashiki’s new bird-like transformation. It wasn’t the coolest design, but it was still serviceable. I also liked seeing a huge power imbalance between him and the heroes. The good guys really struggled with trying to damage Urashiki.

Sasuke finally decided to join the fight. I enjoyed the little verbal interaction he shared with child Sakura. The kid version of his future wife really gave it her all to heal him to the best of her ability. I appreciated Sasuke realizing how much he had asked from her.

I know that their marriage is weird and somewhat problematic. Sasuke has given Sakura a whole lot of emotional stress because of his desire to seek revenge against the ninja world. But the two have come a long way since then. I hope Sasuke shares some good moments with adult Sakura and their child when he gets back to his timeline.

The writers really need to give us an anime arc focusing on the current Uchiha family. I need some daughter-and-father bonding between Salad and Sasuke. And, of course, I’ll be more than happy if the writers decide to animate the Sasuke Retsuden novel.

Coming back to ‘The Last Battle, Urashiki,’ I didn’t like how the writers added a scene where Konohamaru asked Shikamaru and the other Genin for help, only for none of them to arrive at the battle site. I was expecting the genin to cause a distraction. Any of them throwing an attack at Urashiki while he was struggling against Naruto and Boruto’s joint Rasengan would have been nice to see.

But the fact none of the Genin were there to help out made that scene with them and Konohamaru a waste in the total running time of this episode. Also, I have no idea why some grownup ninjas didn’t make their way to the battlefield after the numerous explosions. It all felt like writing choices for plot convenience.

Before Urashiki died, he mentioned Boruto being a vessel. I wasn’t expecting such a revelation in front of Boruto so soon. He recently got to learn about his body being a vessel in the latest manga issue (which is set months, or even possibly a year, after the current anime’s timeline).

The animation in ‘The Last Battle, Urashiki’ looked better compared to the previous content in this arc. The fight sequences were fun. But again, I was expecting a bit more awesomeness. Having the entire fight end with a giant Rasengan felt very Dragon Ball Z inspired. I would have liked our heroes using something else to defeat a powerful enemy.

Let’s see what happens in the next episode and if Sasuke and Boruto’s adventure in the past impacted the present timeline somehow.

Feel free to share your thoughts with us. 

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