“Boruto: Naruto Next Generations” Manga Issue 48 Review: Time Limit

Time Limit Boruto manga 48 review
Boruto Manga Chapter 48 – ‘Time Limit’ – Title Cover

The latest Boruto manga chapter continued to offer us information about how Isshiki’s powers work. Even though certain weaknesses were revealed in ‘Time Limit’, taking down Isshiki still won’t be an easy task.

‘Time Limit’ opened with Isshiki and Kashin Koji still fighting. It’s clear the creative team is using their battle to showcase Isshiki’s strength. He’s been clearly toying with Kashin Koji. As for the power scaling, it’s revealed that Kashin Koji knows how to use Sage Mode. So, that instantly put him above Jiraiya (the legendary ninja that Kashin’s a clone of).

As for Isshiki’s powers, we know he can shrink himself and inanimate objects. Apparently (from what I could understand), for his power to work, he needs to have a clear vision of his target. That’s the weakness that Kashin Koji decided to exploit. Of course, it didn’t work the way Kashin intended, but still, we have a weakness to use against such powerful foe.

Also, I don’t know about you, but Isshiki continued to support by notion involving how queer-coded he is as a villain. Not only does he want to reincarnate inside the body of a young boy (yikes!), he likes wearing queer-looking pants, and one of his major powers basically boils down to owning an extra-dimensional purse.

Isshiki Time Limit review
Isshiki in ‘Time Limit’ (Image: Boruto Manga Chapter 48)

Isshiki’s queer as far as my opinion goes. Orochimaru used to be on the same route related to how he wanted to resurrect in young Sasuke’s body and we all know Orochimaru’s queer in canon (and decided to be, kind of, a good person). So, if Isshiki’s a queer villain as well, I wouldn’t be surprised.

Isshiki’s also quite arrogant. To him, human beings are insignificant insects. That’s why I just know that the fact Amado was able to betray Isshiki must really sting his ego. He even threw a jab at Kashin by stating how Amado only thought of Kashin as an expendable tool.

As for Kashin, he was able to escape. He’s not in good shape, but at least, he’s alive. Will be appear in Konoha to share information with Naruto? I hope we get a scene between Naruto and Kashin. I want to see how Naruto will deal with the fact Kashin is a clone of his late teacher.

Our heroes are in a lot of trouble right now. Even though Isshiki only has two to three days to live while using Jigen’s imperfect body as a vessel, he still has more than enough time to wreak havoc. I don’t think Naruto and Sasuke have what it takes to delay Isshiki for more than a few minutes.

With the final panel showing Isshiki hovering sinisterly over the Hidden Leaf Village, I have no idea who will fight him first. Will Naruto and Sasuke even allow the other ninjas to help them during the upcoming battle? I wouldn’t mind seeing Rock Lee lending a hand.

We also know that Isshiki isn’t alone. Code’s still in another dimension with the Ten-Tails. Do you think that Code will attack Kawaki while Naruto and Sasuke are busy with Isshiki? A whole lot can happen in the next manga chapter and I’m preparing myself for the worst. The fandom’s already talking about Sasuke might sacrifice himself to protect the village.

Some other thoughts and questions:

  • Amado really played everyone (even Shikamaru). I couldn’t help but smile.
  • Katasuke’s so excited about looking through Amado’s research. I wouldn’t be surprised if Orochimaru joined those two down the line.
  • Do you think Salad will be well enough to help Boruto somehow? The last time we saw her, she was still resting in a hospital bed.
  • Wouldn’t it make sense to send Kawaki to the location where Katsuyu is for safekeeping instead of having him close to the village?
  • Sasuke asking if Boruto had what’s required to sacrifice yourself for the sake of the village was a very serious question. I don’t think Boruto understands what it means to have such kind of resolve as a ninja.

What did you think of ‘Time Limit’? Let us know.

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