“Boruto: Two Blue Vortex” Manga Issue 8 Review: It Doesn’t Matter

Boruto Two Blue Vortex manga issue 8 review
Jura on the cover of ‘It Doesn’t Matter’ (Image: Boruto Two Blue Vortex Manga Issue 8)

The pacing of Boruto: Two Blue Vortex isn’t letting the characters rest. Chapter 8, titled ‘It Doesn’t Matter’, had Jura and Hidari casually walk into Konoha searching for Naruto Uzumaki.

The previous chapter of Boruto: Two Blue Vortex featured the much-anticipated battle between Mitsuki and Boruto. However, I don’t think we can call it much of a fight. It was made quite clear that Boruto was on a level of his own and nothing Mitsuki could dish out (even with his Sage Mode activated) was going to harm the titular character. What the confrontation did do was plant a seed in Mitsuki’s brain about finding his “Sun” and what that actually meant to him in the long run.

With Eida using her Senrigan to watch the battle, I liked how the narrative in ‘It Doesn’t Matter’ allowed her and Mitsuki to have an interesting conversation about love. Mitsuki was aware that the emotion of “love” he felt toward Eida was forced due to her Charm ability. However, being an artificial being (Orochimaru’s clone), he was still grateful because in a way Eida’s Charm ability had allowed Mitsuki to experience something new.

But having said that, his reunion with Boruto had stirred more emotions inside of him. Mitsuki had been questioning his devotion to Kawaki for a while now and Boruto’s words about Kawaki not being his “Sun” made Mitsuki rethink his priorities. At this point, Mitsuki’s definitely going to reach out to Boruto again to talk more about his feelings.

I also liked how Boruto made sure to state that Mitsuki had the power to decide who his “Sun” was going to be. And how, when it comes down to it, Mitsuki didn’t need a “Sun” at all because he was more than capable of shining himself. Boruto’s words were about Mitsuki one day being able to love himself instead of feeling the need to attach himself to another person.

Orochimaru’s son kind of calling out Eida during their conversation made for a nice moment. In Eida’s personal mission to experience “true love”, she had been putting up with Kawaki’s toxicity. As far Kawaki’s concerned, Eida’s a tool he could use to track and spy on others. He wasn’t into reciprocating her feelings at all. Heck! He wasn’t into reciprocating any kind of feelings toward anyone. Kawaki’s adamant about disappearing after he gets rid of the Otsutsuki and ensures Naruto’s safety.

With Mitsuki wanting to distance himself away from Kawaki, I think Eida will follow suit because she did say she too wanted to have a conversation with Boruto.

During Eida and Mitsuki’s conversation, we got to see Kawaki and Delta flying off to face Boruto. Now, I don’t know if Delta got an upgrade that allowed her to take flight without turning her legs into rockets or if there’s something else going on with her. A particular fan theory suggests that Kawaki transplanted the Karma Mark on Delta during the timeskip and her ability to take to the sky was due to the Otsutsuki DNA spreading through her body. Hmmm.

I don’t know if I can support said fan theory yet. I mean, the mangaka not turning her legs into rockets to fly could also be a mistake. Here’s to hoping we find out soon enough.

Boruto two blue vortex manage issue 8 review
Jura detects Kurama’s chakra inside Himawari in ‘It Doesn’t Matter’ (Image: Boruto Two Blue Vortex Manga Issue 8)

With Boruto vanishing before Kawaki and Delta could go in with a surprise attack, their attention gets turned to Jura and Hidari walking into Konoha. Even though Karma Mark-activated Kawaki tried to fight the two, Jura’s able to make quick work of Kawaki. Sigh! That boy can’t catch a break. The current villains are way too powerful and I have no idea how our young heroes are going to manage defeating them.

The major reveal in ‘It Doesn’t Matter’ dealt with Jura sensing Kurama’s chakra inside Konoha and thinking it belonged to Naruto. Such a thing shouldn’t be possible because Kurama died during his and Naruto’s fight with Isshiki. However, it turns out that Jura’s able to still sense Kurama’s chakra inside the village because… drumroll… it’s somehow present inside Himawari.

Fans have been speculating about Himawari’s hidden power ever since Daemon mentioned her potential pre-timeskip and it looks like we have an explanation. The hidden power inside Himawari has something to do with her having the Nine-Tailed Beast’s chakra.

I don’t know where the story is going to take such a development, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Himawari gets used to reincarnate Kurama. Apparantly, in the Naruto/Boruto universe, lifeforce chakra can continue living (spanning generations) if the plot demands it to.

With Jura coming face-to-face with Himawari, I’m looking forward to seeing how he will interact with the young ninja and whether or not Boruto will swoop in at the last minute to protect his little sister.

Speaking of family reunions, Salad confronting Hidari, who is basically a clone of Sasuke, is also going to be interesting. Salad better whip out some OP Mangekyō Sharingan ability if she hopes to stand a chance against Jura and the rest of the humanoid Divine Trees.

Some other thoughts and questions:

  • I get that the creative team wanted to make the readers understand how communication between the Sensory Unit works, but having Shikamaru raise the question didn’t make sense to me. He grew up with Ino. He’s also supposed to be incredibly smart. Shikamaru should already know how the Sensory Team works when a person accesses more than one psychic channel.
  • With the Konoha ninjas being made aware of Sasuke’s return (even though it’s supposed to be Hidari who has the same exact Chakra as Sauske), I’m still waiting to see Sakura’s feelings. How has Sakura been coping with her husband seemingly abandoning the village to side with Boruto and Salad trying to tell everyone that Boruto’s not a bad guy? I want to know!
  • I guess Himawari and Inojin are supposed to be a thing. I’m not against such a possible pairing. Both characters are artistic.
  • With how the panels were drawn, I think Kawaki suspects a mole in the Sensory Unit and that Shikamaru might be working with Boruto.
  • I understand the current story is about the new generation, but come on! Someone from Naruto’s generation should be present to face Jura and Hidari, too.

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