“Boruto: Two Blue Vortex” Manga Issue 3 Review: Uzuhiko

Uzuhiko Boruto Two Blue Vortex manga issue 3 review
Himawari on the cover of Boruto: Two Blue Vortex manga chapter 3 ‘Uzuhiko’

Boruto: Two Blue Vortex manga issue 3, titled ‘Uzuhiko’, delivered another action-packed offering as Boruto continued to show Code that he’s very serious about destroying the Ten-Tails.

‘Uzuhiko’ opened right where the previous chapter left off. We saw Code trying to make sense of Boruto’s newest version of the Rasengan. As far as Code could tell, the Rasengan Uzuhiko definitely seemed different from the Vanishing Rasengan. And not thinking of it as much of a threat, Code decided to rush in to attack Boruto.

I liked how calm Boruto remained during his fight with Code. Our lead already knew that Code was no match for him. However, Boruto was still trying to give Code chance after chance to see sense and take him to the Ten-Tails in exchange for Boruto sparing Code’s life.

The current chapter built a lot of mystery around Boruto’s latest Jutsu. It’s revealed that Boruto doesn’t have to directly hit an opponent with the Rasengan Uzuhiko for it to have an impact. Code grabbing Boruto’s wrist was enough for the chakra swirling around Boruto’s body to enter Code’s body and start making him feel dizzy. Apparently, the new attack was so powerful that it was making the entire planet tremble. Even Daemon looked intrigued by it.

I’m glad that the chapter didn’t drag the explanation behind the new Jutsu. While we still don’t know everything about it, at least we got to learn that it used the planet’s rotation. After Boruto managed to land a direct hit on Code, the villain was unable to stand straight due to getting a severe case of vertigo. He wasn’t sure if Boruto was actually dodging his attacks or if the dizziness was doing a number on him.

According to Boruto, the effects of the Rasengan Uzuhiko won’t stop until the opponent dies or, I’m assuming, the planet stops spinning. It was an attack that couldn’t be countered unless Boruto decided to take it away from his foe. It’s definitely an OP Jutsu, which makes sense considering Boruto is facing God-like beings in the current story.

With Boruto having the upper hand against Code, Kawaki decided to barge in and stop Boruto from forcing Code to take him to the Ten-Tails. I’ve never been a fan of Kawaki and the way he acted during the current chapter made him come across as even more annoying. I just want Kawaki gone. His interference allowed Code the chance to escape Konoha. Sigh!

Another interesting thing that happened during ‘Uzuhiko’ was the reveal that Boruto had gained access to the Frog/Toad Summonings. I think that’s a clear hint toward Boruto and Sasuke meeting Kashin Koji during the three-year time skip and Kashin Koji training our lead.

I liked how Boruto had planted a small toad on Code before he teleported away. Boruto got confirmation about the Ten-Tails’ whereabouts due to the little toad and I think he will be teleporting himself to Code’s hidden dimension in the next chapter. I’m excited!

As for some other moments, Boruto finally got to see Himawari. However, of course, the two didn’t get a chance to have an actual conversation. For now, Boruto was just happy to see his little sister doing well.

Salad also got some panel time as she tried to save the shinobi that got turned into a tree in the previous chapter. She theorized how the Claw Grimes instinctively bit into living beings in hopes of biting an Otsutsuki and creating the Divine Tree. And while the shinobi turned into a tree, he was still alive in there.

Also, where the heck is Mitsuki? Hmmm. I think the creative team’s deliberately delaying that particular interaction because of the emotional baggage involving Mitsuki basically being in love with Boruto and how those feelings got messed up due to Eida’s Omnipotence. Their reunion is likely going to involve a major fight and a whole lot of feelings!

What did you think of ‘Uzuhiko’? Do you think Boruto will follow Code to his dimension?

Let us know.

Author: Farid-ul-Haq

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