Boruto: Naruto Next Generations 1×128 Review – “Urashiki’s Target”

Target Urashiki Boruto anime 128 review
‘Urashiki’s Target’ (Image: Screengrab)

The latest Boruto anime episode showed our young hero going quite far into the past. However, ‘Urashiki’s Target’ had a couple of plot conveniences that didn’t make a lot of sense even by Boruto standards. But still, we have a new arc to look forward to. So, yay?

The opening of ‘Urashiki’s Target’ was definitely very exciting. We saw Mirai trying to fight the powerful Otsutsuki. Of course, she was defeated, but I liked seeing her being strong until the end. Also, the moment Urashiki extracted Mirai’s chakra you could tell he was going to use his Genjutsu ability.

However, while I liked seeing Urashiki use a Genjutsu, the way it all worked out made no sense to me. A single diversion shouldn’t have been enough to call a majority of the ninjas away from the village. It was a bad example of plot convenience. And while I get the Boruto anime is primarily targeted at kids, I think that shouldn’t be used as an excuse to come up with senseless moments. Kids are smart. They can see through poor writing.

Another major plot convenience dealt with Sasuke still not being able to replenish his chakra. Sasuke’s wife is freaking Sakura Haruno. She’s basically an incredibly large chakra dam and could have easily replenished her husband’s chakra levels. But no! For some reason, the writers have been adamant about nerfing Sasuke.

Also, moving forward with more plot conveniences, why aren’t their video cameras around the village? Why is the Leaf Village’s security system so broken?

The only thing I liked about ‘Urashiki’s Target’ is how it finally sent Boruto to the past. I’ve been looking forward to watching this particular arc and we finally got it. I was surprised that Sasuke ended up going with Boruto. I wonder what lessons Sasuke is supposed to learn in the upcoming storyline.

While Boruto will be spending time with a younger version of Naruto, perhaps Sasuke will understand the importance of spending more time with his family? I can’t wait to find out.

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