“Boruto: Naruto Next Generations” Manga Issue 62 Review: Run-in

Run-in Boruto manga issue 62 review
Code on the cover of ‘Run-in’ (Image: Boruto manga issue 62)

Even though Boruto manga chapter 62, titled ‘Run-in’, made for a quick read due to a good amount of action, we still got some interesting information related to Kawaki’s intentions and Code’s plans.

The Boruto fandom had a lot of theories about why Kawaki decided to run away from Konoha in the previous manga chapter. I’m glad that Kishimoto didn’t make us wait too long to learn the answer. Turns out, Kawaki had decided to find Code to ask him a favor. Of course, Kawaki’s plan was weak. But, I guess, it’s the sentiment that counts.

After Code caught up to Kawaki (by following Eida’s directions because she was using her Senrigan to see where Kawaki was headed), ‘Run-in’ showed the two finally meet each other after Kawaki’s betrayal. There was already bad blood between them due to Code being jealous about Kawaki being Isshiki’s perfect vessel. I enjoyed seeing Code’s antagonistic attitude toward Kawaki. While he had promised Eida he wouldn’t kill Kawaki, that didn’t mean he wouldn’t rough him up a bit.

It’s during their confrontation that Kawaki came clean about his true intentions and why he ran away from the Hidden Leaf Village to talk to Code. In my opinion, the main narrative has done a good job of showing how powerless Kawaki felt over being incapable of properly protecting Naruto. Kawaki lost an immense power-up once his Karma Mark disappeared. Amado did offer to give Kawaki another Karma Mark. However, Kawaki refused to accept Amado’s offer. So, in Kawaki’s mind, the only viable option left was to beg Code to spare Konoha from his wrath.

As I have already mentioned, Kawaki’s plan was weak. But I understood the reason behind his decision. Kawaki was willing to let Code kill him as long as it meant Code wouldn’t harm the Hidden Leaf Village. Of course, Code just laughed at Kawaki’s face. Frankly, I would have done the same thing if I were in Code’s shoes.

Code’s desire to seek revenge by killing those responsible for Isshiki’s death was a personal matter. The Kara organization’s initial goal remained unchanged. Code was still going to kill every lifeform on Earth to grow the Chakra Fruit. Kawaki grovelling at Code’s feet wasn’t going to deter Code.

‘Run-in’ did have Code mention a piece of information that I think could come into play in the long run. When the Divine Tree’s extracting chakra from every lifeform to create the Chakra Fruit, you could survive by escaping to another dimension. Now, if we went back to the first chapter of the Boruto manga and revisit the flash-forward, an older Kawaki stated he was going to send an older Boruto to the same place he had already sent Naruto. Back then, certain fans theorized that it meant Kawaki had locked up Naruto somewhere instead of outright killing him. With the Otsutsuki Clan being able to teleport to different dimensions, the theory about Kawaki sending Naruto to another dimension (to protect him?) does sound feasible.

As for the rest of ‘Run-in’, it had Boruto getting worked up over being the only one who knew Kawaki was gone and had left a Shadow Clone inside the house. Even the sensory ninja stationed outside Naruto’s home didn’t listen to Boruto about Kawaki leaving a Shadow Clone behind because he was still able to sense both Boruto and Kawaki inside the residence. In the end, Boruto had no other choice but to go directly to Naruto (who was still watching a romantic movie with Hinata downstairs) to plead his case.

I liked how Naruto trusted his son, even though he was a bit wary about doing so at first. Boruto had been complaining about feeling uncomfortable due to being under constant surveillance. In Naruto’s mind, Boruto and Kawaki could be playing a prank on him. I understood Naruto’s feelings because Kawaki running away made no sense. As Ino put it, during her telepathic conversation with Naruto and Shikamaru, Kawaki did seem to be acclimating quite nicely to his new life in Konoha. His running away was definitely a surprise to the adults. Even Code’s initially intrigued by Kawaki wanting to distance himself from the safety Konoha offered.

With Boruto reaching Kawaki before Code could teleport him away, I’m looking forward to Boruto and Kawaki vs Code in the next chapter. The Konoha Sensory Unit should be able to detect Boruto’s chakra signature outside the village. So, I expect them to arrive at the scene soon enough. Or maybe only Naruto and Sasuke will show up because Code’s a serious threat?

In that case, I’m also here for Sasuke vs Code. I want to see how strong Sasuke’s currently supposed to be after (likely) losing the Rinnegan due to Momoshiki’s attack when he took over Boruto’s body. From what I can remember, Amado did mention that even though Code had limiters on him, he should still be powerful enough to take on Sasuke and Naruto one-on-one. An actual battle is a great way to see Code’s abilities and strategic thinking. Boruto and Kawaki shouldn’t stand a chance against Code even two-on-one. But let’s see what happens.

Some other thoughts and questions:

  • I would have liked to see Hinata’s reaction when Boruto told her and Naruto about Kawaki’s disappearance. While Mikio Ikemoto’s art has improved over the years, it still comes across as a bit rushed. He should consider adding more panels to make actions have a bigger impact. In my opinion, showing Hinata’s reaction to such unfortunate news would have helped make the scene better. Having said that, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Boruto anime (already an improvement over the manga) opts for such an addition.
  • Due to Code’s ear not appearing on Eida’s arm anymore, she was yelling to herself about wanting Code to stop hurting Kawaki, right? Or did I read that scene wrong?
  • I’m still waiting for Mitsuki and Salad to play a role in the main narrative. They have been such nonentities for quite a while now. It’s disappointing.
  • Losing to Code is likely going to give Kawaki the push he needed to accept Amado’s offer and regain the Karma Mark and be strong enough to protect Naruto and the others.

What did you think of ‘Run-in’? Will Code be forced to retreat?

Let us know.

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