Boruto: Naruto Next Generations 1×162 Review – ‘Escaping the Tightening Net’

escaping the tightening net boruto anime 162 review
Mitsuki sniffing Boruto in ‘Escaping the Tightening Net’ (Image: Screengrab)

‘Escaping the Tightening Net’ helped the writing team conclude a couple of plot threads as our heroes tried to leave the Land of Silence.

Boruto faced a lot of trouble in the previous episode. The identical-looking trio of shinobi had killed the owner of Fushuu Castle and pinned the murder on Boruto and his teammates. ‘Escaping the Tightening Net’ dealt with Boruto, Salad, Konohamaru, and Mugino trying to leave the Land of Silence with numerous ex-shinobi chasing after them.

It was revealed that Boruto’s easy to find due to the identical-looking trio of shinobi hitting him with a bottle of perfume in last week’s episode. ‘Escaping the Tightening Net’ had Boruto team up with Mugino to find a way to erase the perfume’s fragrance while Konohamaru and Salad tried to learn more about where the trio was headed.

At first, I wondered why no one used some kind of water-based jutsu to wash off the perfume. But then again, using only water wasn’t going to cut it. So, it made sense for Mugino to suggest Boruto jumped into a sewage drain. While I smiled at Boruto’s reluctance, I wanted to give him a little shake and remind him that he’s a ninja. And being a ninja, if a dire situation called for jumping into sewage water, Boruto needed to do it without hesitation.

Mugino jumping into the sewage water without wasting a second was another comedic moment. We don’t know a lot about Mugino, but it’s clear he’s all about taking his job as a ninja very seriously. Here’s hoping we get to see him in battle. I want to see how strong he really is.

This was all about closing certain plot threads. Boruto came up with a plan to use the airship (we saw anchored to Fushuu Castle) to escape the area. Konohamaru and Salad visited the suspicious shopkeeper to learn more about the trio who stole the Hashirama Cells.

Talking about the trio, in my review of the previous episode, I asked if they felt sorry about the death of their teammate. The current episode showed them take a few moments of silence to remember him. They also talked about not being able to use their full power until they crossed the border. So, I’m interested in seeing what their full power will look like.

The most interesting connection dealt with the poor kid that was saved by Boruto when our young hero was trying to seduce Kirisaki. The little boy, named Katara, ended up being the one to help Boruto and his team escape the ex-shinobi. Other than that, the young girl that Yubina healed (using Mitsuki’s blood) was revealed to be Katara’s sister.

‘Escaping the Tightening Net’ showed that a small gesture of kindness could come back to help you out when least expected. Boruto’s and Mitsuki’s kindness led to our heroes safely escaping the Land of Silence. Katara, who had created an underground communication system with other poor children, also helped Boruto and the rest figure out where the identical shinobi were.

I also liked how being chased by a crowd of ex-shinobi showed how much training Boruto and the rest still needed. While Boruto and Salad are super talented and Konohamaru and Mugino are elite Jonin-level ninjas, none of them were capable of handling numerous people at once. On the other hand, Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura can easily handle entire ninja villages on their own. There’s a reason they are considered an incredibly powerful trio in the world of ninjas. Boruto and his friends still have a lot of leveling up to do.

With certain plotlines closed, it was time for Boruto and his team to move forward. I’m still waiting for the good guys to face Deepa. Here’s hoping we get an epic battle soon enough. The scene showing how Deepa had casually killed others in a bar demonstrated he’s not here to play nice.

Also, before I finish this review, I have to talk about Mitsuki’s reunion with Boruto and Salad. I have no idea why Boruto didn’t hug Mitsuki. At least we saw Boruto gently place both his hands on Mitsuki’s shoulders. I’ll take it. Ha!

There was also a scene were Mitsuki came very close to Boruto’s face and sniffed him. I have no idea if these two will end up together, but there’s definitely something going on here, especially from Mitsuki’s side. Boruto might not be queer. However, I wouldn’t be surprised if Mitsuki’s revealed to be a queer individual. The Boruto franchise does have a queer Orochimaru running around. So, it’s not outside the realm of possibility that Mitsuki’s another queer character.

Anyway, what did you think of ‘Escaping the Tightening Net’?

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