Boruto: Naruto Next Generations 1×110 Review: The Resurrection Hot Springs (The Steam Ninja Scrolls)!

boruto 110 episode review resurrection hot springs
Tatsumi and Mirai in ‘The Resurrection Hot Springs!’ (Image: Screengrab)

With the current anime adaptation of ‘The Steam Ninja Scrolls’ arc coming to end next week, episode 110 of Boruto offered an exciting chapter in the story. ‘The Resurrection Hot Springs!’ showed Mirai accompanying Tatsumi to a place where it’s possible to talk to the dead.

‘The Steam Ninja Scrolls’ arc has featured a lot of emotional development for Mirai. It’s clear she wants to meet her father because he died before she was born. Furthermore, the current arc also helped Mirai understand that it’s okay to not take things too seriously and that ninjas are allowed to enjoy life when possible for them.

Due to Mirai being a child, even though she is an experienced ninja, it made sense when she got too excited to finally reach the Resurrection Hot Springs. She jumped across the river without realizing Tatsumi wouldn’t be able to follow.

The episode also had some emotional moments between the two girls. ‘The Resurrection Hot Springs!’ revealed that Tatsumi wanted to talk to her dead mother because Tatsumi wasn’t able to apologize for an outburst she had before her mother’s death.

Mirai shared that she wanted to meet her father because there were numerous things she wanted to ask him. One of the most important questions she had was regarding the answer to the riddle Shikamaru gave her. Mirai still hadn’t figured out what’s meant by the King that ninjas have to protect.

The moment the two reached the hot springs you could tell something wasn’t right. Even though people were already present and everyone was excited to talk to a dead relative or a friend, there was a sense of dread in the air.

We found out that Lord Ryuki is in charge of the hot springs. Apparantly, he had perfected the Reanimation Jutsu to help people reconnect with the dead without there being the need for a human sacrifice. Of course, Mirai went into high alert mode when she heard the name of the Forbidden Jutsu. However, the need to meet her father triumphed her ninja duties.

I can’t wait to see what will happen to Mirai. I hope she figures out Lord Ryuki’s connection to Hidan as soon as possible.

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