Boruto: Naruto Next Generations 1×272 Review – “Students Unite!”

Students Unite Boruto anime episode 272 review
The young ninjas-in-training coming together in ‘Students Unite!’ (Screengrab: Boruto Anime Episode 272)

Boruto anime episode 272, titled ‘Students Unite!’, was about just that… Kawaki’s classmates coming together to save Kae.

I think it was obvious to almost everyone that Hana B didn’t kill Kae in the previous episode. But for those who thought Kae was actually dead, I mean, we have to remember that the current arc is still kid-centric even though it has had some dark moments sprinkled in. Killing Kae would have negatively impacted the narrative that seems to be working toward making Kawaki understand the importance of working together and making friends.

‘Students Unite!’ showed Hana B taking Kae hostage and running away with her after destroying the bridge to stop Kawaki and co from giving chase. The realization of Hana B being the mysterious assassin hit the kids hard. But they still held onto hope that there was more to the story. Points to Himawari for analyzing the situation and concluding Hana B stabbing Kae in front of her and Kawaki was a fake out. The other kids also deduced that something else was going on because Hana B made sure to attack their surveillance capabilities.

As far as the kids were concerned, they weren’t ready to deem their teacher the villain. And in a sense they were right. I liked the scene where Kae continued to reach out to Hana A while Hana B kept on talking about how she was in control of Hana A’s body now. Kae noticing a tear forming in Hana B’s eyes during their conversation was the proof Kae needed about how the teacher she knew was still in there somewhere. She just needed to help Hana A escape her psychic prison.

I appreciated the explanation Hana B gave about why she hadn’t killed Kae even though it was her mission to end her life. Turns out that an associate was making their way to the island to escort Hana B and Kae back to the Land of Bamboo. Due to the Minister being arrested, Hana B was going to use Kae as a bargaining chip to get the Minister out.

While Kae talked about never allowing herself to be used in such a manner showed her courage, seeing her think of a way to escape instead of being a damsel in distress was a highlight for me. I was hoping for the writers to show what Kae had learned while attending the Ninja Academy. And even though she was no match for Hana B, it was still nice to see her use a kunai to cut the rope binding her hands and even try and attack Hana B. Kae also dropped little pieces of the sweet she had to create a trail for her friends to follow.

Kawaki and Himawari appeared just in time to Kae’s aid. With how strongly Kawaki hit Hana B, I’m looking forward to their battle. Due to Hana B not being as powerful as Kawaki, I have a feeling she is going to try and emotionally manipulate him to lower his guard. Let’s see.

Students Unite Boruto anime episode 272 review
Hana B intimidates Kae in ‘Students Unite!’ (Screengrab: Boruto Anime Episode 272)

As for the rest of the characters, ‘Students Unite!’ had a bunch of them showcase their abilities to track Kae. The kid who is into making the best sweets was able to find the trail that Kae created. Another kid was able to use his insects to confirm Kae was inside a particular cave. Another student had enough rope for everyone to use to cross the damaged bridge.

The same kid, conveniently, also had old copies of the Expose Newspaper. One of those issues had an article in which Sosha had interviewed a couple who was stranded on the same island. The Expose Newspaper segment was a bit too convenient for my liking, but what can you do?

Seeing his classmates work together made Kawaki acknowledge their individual skills. He even revealed his true identity as an actual ninja to them. And while he appreciated their efforts, Kawaki had enough sense to ask them to stay back while he handled someone as dangerous as Hana B on his own. However, it’s clear that the kids will come up with a plan to aid Kawaki and Himawari from the sidelines.

The current arc is nearing the finale and I’m really interested in seeing what the writers have planned for Hana’s fate.

What did you think of ‘Students Unite!’? Do you think Hana will be forgiven?

Let us know.

Author: Farid-ul-Haq

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