“Sasuke Retsuden” Manga Issue 1 Review

Sasuke Retsuden issue 1 review
Sasuke and Sakura on the cover of Sasuke Retsuden Manga Issue 1

The first chapter of the Sasuke Retsuden manga did a fantastic job of setting the premise and laying the groundwork for what’s to come next. And yes, this story featured a Sasuke the fans have been waiting for.

From mangaka Shingo Kimura, the current manga series happens to be an adaptation of the very enjoyable Sasuke Retsuden: The Uchiha Descendants and the Heavenly Stardust novel. The original story is by Masashi Kishimoto and Jun Esaka. The novel did an awesome job of developing Sasuke and Sakura’s relationship as a married couple. Not only that, but it also featured some impressive scenes showcasing Sakura’s top-tier ninja abilities. So, of course, I was looking forward to revisiting the story in manga form. I wanted visuals. And the first chapter didn’t disappoint.

Sasuke Retsuden issue 1 opened with Naruto, suffering from a disease that also affected the Sage of Six Paths, trying to get Sasuke to talk as he made his way to the Land of Redaku to find a cure for Naruto. The lack of communication between the two might not sit well with some fans. But I think such a scene was added to amp up the drama right from the opening page.

The scene also reminded me of how a young Sakura tried to make Sasuke stay in the village during the early Naruto years. Also, in a sense, there was nothing Naruto could have said to make Sasuke stop. Of course, Sasuke was going to the Land of Redaku if there was even the slightest chance it could save Naruto. Heck, Sasuke would travel even further and encounter larger threats to ensure Naruto’s life.

The first chapter didn’t dive deep into what’s wrong with Naruto. However, it did mention that Kakashi was also out on a mission to find a cure. So, hopefully, readers will get more details as the series progresses. I also have my fingers crossed that the Kakashi Retsuden novel also gets a manga adaptation.

Sasuke asking the oldest person in Redaku about the Sage of the Six Paths made sense. However, the information he sought was delivered through a woman named Kail. I liked how Sasuke got to meet Kail after Kail’s daughter Lyla overheard him asking about the Sage of Six Paths. Their encounter also allowed for Sasuke to help apprehend three men who stole from Kail’s antique shop.

Kimura did a good job of utilizing panels to build anticipation and deliver an engrossing action sequence between Sasuke and the three thieves. Also, yes, to finally seeing a Sasuke who didn’t run out of chakra after using a bunch of moves. The scene of Sasuke putting one of the men under Genjutsu made me smile. The version of Sasuke featured in the Boruto manga and anime could never. Ha!

With Sasuke’s mission leading him to the Tatar Observatory, which was basically a prison, Kimura continued to do a good job of introducing new characters and settings without negatively impacting the pacing. A lot happened in a single chapter. So, kudos to Kimura for handling the storytelling in an impressive manner.

Sasuke’s story inside the Tatar Observatory is definitely going to be eventful. Even though Director Zansul prevented Sasuke from being sent to solitary after a prison fight, I think it’s clear that Zansul will be keeping a close eye on the Uchiha. Trying to find a cure for Naruto while being watched by Zansul isn’t going to be easy. And yes, I can’t wait to see Sakura show up and for her and Sasuke to work together to help Naruto.

Even though Sasuke’s smart and analytical, Sakura’s a different kind of smart and analytical. She’s more bookish and basically has a photographic memory, things that are useful when collecting clues to uncover a mystery. I’m just so excited for the duo to showcase how effective they are as a team.

Some other thoughts and questions:

  • Yes, vicious dinosaurs are going to be a thing in this story.
  • I wonder if the current manga will lead to an adaptation of the Naruto Retsuden novel because if not, the conclusion to Sasuke Retsuden might feel incomplete. 
  • Kail being worried about losing a wedding ring was due to a reason. Marriage, love, and commitment are major themes the story will explore.

What did you think of Sasuke Retsuden issue 1?

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Author: Farid-ul-Haq

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