‘Boruto: Naruto Next Generations’ Manga Issue 32 Review: A Sense of Duty

Boruto Manga 32 Sense of Duty Review
Naruto and Delta in ‘A Sense of Duty’ (Image: Boruto manga 32)

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations manga issue 32 ended up being a disappointing mess. ‘A Sense of Duty’ showcased the variety of attacks Delta has, but it was at the cost of nerfing Naruto for no reason.

‘A Sense of Duty’ was another obvious example of how Ukyou Kodachi isn’t above weakening Naruto to raise the stakes even when it doesn’t make sense. I understand the problem Kodachi has when handling a powerful character like Naruto and not wanting to end a battle in mere seconds. However, I do think Kodachi can do a better job. If the story wants ninja battles to feel tense, they shouldn’t involve Naruto.

I say Kodachi should let other ninjas from the Naruto series get the spotlight for a while because the current Hokage is more than capable of taking out an opponent like Delta even if she has numerous scientific enhancements inside of her.

Kodachi dragged the battle due to unnecessary reasons. Stating Naruto is holding back because he doesn’t want the kids to get hurt which (while being the right thing to do) isn’t something that should have continued throughout the battle.

Due to Boruto, Kawaki, and Himawari refusing to leave the battleground, it would have made more sense for Naruto to create a clone and force the kids away from danger.

Seeing Delta directing her attacks at the kids to hopefully defeat Naruto was very predictable and made for poor writing.

Also, am I supposed to be scared of Delta’s eye beams? According to Kawaki, the beams are supposed to stop the regenerative process and prevent opponents from healing.

But if a limb does get hit and all of the cells (in that area) are dead and unable to multiply, shouldn’t slicing the limb off even an inch behind the layer of dead cells restart the healing process? It made no sense!

With Delta putting Himawari’s life in danger, I hope Kodachi allows Naruto to get serious and just finish the battle already. Him holding back almost got his daughter killed.

Some thoughts and questions:

  • Fingers crossed Himawari understands the importance of training as a ninja after what just happened to her.
  • Making Boruto throw a Rasengan at Delta made him come across as incompetent.
  • Delta can only absorb chakra from her eyes. Why isn’t Naruto throwning jutsus at her from behind? Sigh!
  • Where are the rest of the ninjas? Why hasn’t anyone come to help or at least see what is going on?
  • Here’s to hoping Kodachi decides to explain what can and can’t be done when using scientific ninja tools because right now they are coming across as a plot device to make anything happen.

What did you think of ‘A Sense of Duty’? Let us know.

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