“Boruto: Naruto Next Generations” Manga Issue 57 Review: Eida

eida boruto manga issue 57 review
Boruto Manga Chapter 57 ‘Eida’ Front Cover (Image: Screengrab)

The latest Boruto manga chapter 57 gave us a lot of information about Eida as well as what Naruto thinks of Boruto continuing to be taken over by Momoshiki’s genetic code due to the Karma Mark.

One of the biggest pieces of information present in ‘Eida’ involved getting to know about the titular character’s special abilities. She has two formidable powers. She can control the hearts of other people (regardless of gender) to force them to love her and she can look into any moment happening in the present or the past.

This means that Eida already knows about what an opponent is planning and if her enemy tries to attack her, due to already having fallen in love, they won’t be able to even scratch her skin. Code had to experience her abilities himself to learn she isn’t a pushover.

I liked how she was able to knock Code down a few notches. She didn’t have time for his arrogance. The moment he freed her from the container, he was already under her spell. Even when he wanted to injure her, his body just wouldn’t go through with it.

The good news is that Eida’s abilities have a couple of limitations. Even though she can make people fall in love with her, she doesn’t have control over the Otsutsuki clan or blood relatives. Also, while she can look at any moment from the past or present (in real-time), she’s unable to see the future and can’t look into moments that happened before she was born.

And while Code was curious, Eida decided not to share her age. So, I’m not sure how old she’s really supposed to be. I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s revealed to be a few years older than Code (who is close to Kawaki’s age, as far as I can tell).

Eida’s clearly unhappy about Amado modifying her body in such a manner. By forcing others to love her, she’s unable to experience real affection. Even if someone’s feelings are genuine, she just can’t be sure her ability didn’t impact their emotions a certain way.

Knowing that Kawaki and Boruto were slowly turning into Otsutsuki is what made Eida become interested in them. In her opinion, one of them could serve as a potential test to experience normal love without any interference from her powers. The interaction between Eida and Code talking about which boy to pursue as a love interest and which one to feed to the Ten-Tailed Beast made it clear that these two villains are unhinged. 

I’m interested in learning more details about her powers. Due to Eida being a cyborg, I hope there’s a scientific component involved. Is she able to make other people fall in love with her due to releasing pheromones? Can she look at any moment in the present or past because she knows how to tap into a person’s mind through brainwaves?

As for Code wanting to remove his limiters, Eida told him she couldn’t offer any assistance. Turns out, Code’s limiters required 2-step authentication. He would need to get a retinal scan of Amado’s eyes as well as Amado’s voice command code. Due to Eida not knowing the voice command code (and being unable to look into the past to learn about it), I think that’s a sign she wasn’t born, or at least, her abilities didn’t kick in when Amado came up with that specific voice code. Anyway, I’m not sure. Eida’s age is causing me a lot of confusion.

The rest of the chapter spent time sharing Naruto’s emotions regarding Boruto’s fate. Gaara asking Naruto if he could kill his own son when required was a valid question. As a Hokage, it’s Naruto’s job to protect everyone. Boruto’s a ticking timebomb at this point. A moment of weakness from Naruto could mean the end of the world.

With Amado handing Naruto a bottle of pills to temporarily suppress Boruto’s body from being possessed by Momoshiki, I can’t wait to see if Boruto will ingest said pills. He could lose his vision or even die due to the side effects. Also, Naruto made it clear to the rest of the Kages that he didn’t fully trust Amado. But can Naruto trust Amado enough to subject Boruto to eat something dangerous and life-threatening? We will find out soon enough.

Other thoughts and questions:

  • Amado mentioned losing a daughter 12 years ago. There is a fan theory that Delta might have been created in his daughter’s image. A new theory suggests it could be Eida.
  • Sasuke and Naruto are ready to kill Boruto if push comes to shove. Good! They have responsibilities as ninjas.
  • Due to her being comfortable with making everyone fall in love with her, I’m going to consider Eida as a queer character unless stated otherwise. She was giving me Poison Ivy vibes. With the Naruto/Boruto franchise already having Haku and Orochimaru as queer characters (some even put Zabuza and Mitsuki in there), Eida being one is a possibility.

What did you think of ‘Edia’? What will be Code’s next step?

Let us know.

Author: Farid-ul-Haq

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