Nightwing Issue 79 Review: “Leaping Into the Light – Part 2”

Nightwing Issue 79

Nightwing issue 79 is another fantastic installment from creative team Tom Taylor and Bruno Redondo. The energy and passion of their first issue only continues and builds momentum through the pages and show no indicators of slowing down. This is already shaping out to be an amazing series!

There will be some spoilers below.

There is always a little apprehension that when the first issue of a comic is so good, it’ll be tough to follow. Just like with the Guns N’ Roses album Appetite for Destructionwhich ultimately became such a massive success – where do you go from there? And sometimes, like with the case of Nightwing, Taylor and Redondo succeeded in not only bringing the same amount of energy to this issue, but surpassing their first. This is definitely something this Nightwing fan can appreciate.

Nightwing issue 79 starts with some fun interactions with Dick and Barbara. Dick is hungry, so they head to the local pizza shop, the aptly named “Marv & George’s Pizza.” (Marv Wolfman and George Perez are the creators of  Nightwing.) There’s a cute part where Dick asks for two slices to which Barbara says, “You’re a billionaire now,” and Dick replies, “Oh, right. Four slices, please.”

Despite Bruce Wayne taking in Dick Grayson at a young age, Dick has always been a bit more frugal with his money. Dick tends to live in more run-down looking apartment buildings and often dedicates a lot of time to his various day jobs. With Alfred leaving Dick a substantial amount of money in his will, it’s certainly something for Dick to get used to and he tries to figure out what exactly he wants to do with his newfound wealth in this issue.

Dick has a more serious talk with Barbara after they get their pizza. He’s concerned about what kind of difference he’s really made in the world. What did he leave behind when he lost his memories after being shot in the head? Barbara reassures him that he has done so much and has saved the world more than once. Dick remarks that he always though Batman could have done more as Bruce Wayne.

A preview of this panel out of context did cause a bit of controversy on Twitter. Many felt that what Dick was talking about is the overused hot take that Bruce Wayne should be doing more with his money rather than just punching people all the time. Batman fans know this to not be true. Bruce has always done a lot.

Taylor did respond that it was not about that popular internet take, but rather that Dick has always put himself out there in his civilian identity more. Taylor said on his Twitter, “But knowing the real Bruce Wayne, is it any wonder his son would like the public to see him as he does? Does it really shock people that Dick Grayson would like to see Bruce Wayne lead as well as Batman?” This is very on brand for Dick who does not always agree with Bruce’s approach. They don’t have to be heroes just in costume. Bruce and Dick can be heroes as well.

After Dick and Barbara’s conversation, someone asks them if they can spare some change. Dick decides instead to buy some pizza for the father, son, and whomever else they would like to invite. While Dick is buying the pizza, a few kids nab his wallet and Barbara can’t resist sharing that in the Bat Group Chat.

Sadly, not everything can remain fun. We get our first real introduction to one of the big bads this season, Heartless. It seems that he literally takes people’s hearts. There are also the crime families in town, the Maronis and Tony Zucco’s daughter, who will soon become mayor of Bludhaven. Trouble is brewing!

Ultimately, at the conclusion of Nightwing issue 79, Dick knows what he wants to do with his money. He wants to be a safety net just like his family and friends are for him. He wants to be there for the people of Bludhaven both as Nightwing and using his money to help as Dick Grayson.

Overall Nightwing issue 79 is such a feel-good story. Even with trouble soon on the way. Tom Taylor brings us a Nightwing who is full of hope and striving to be the best person he can be. Dick is constantly looking for ways to help those around him. Bruno Redondo’s art style remains full of expression, beauty, and fun. This is definitely a winning comic from a winning team and I’m so excited to see where they take us next!

Author: Jessica Rae

Jessica has a BA in music with an emphasis in voice and spends her day typesetting, editing, writing, and moderating webinars. Jessica primarily reviews anime and comic book series. She also offers insights on various movies, books, games, and other geeky topics.

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