Comic Book Reviews (Week July 1, 2020): Star Issue 5, Billionaire Island Issue 2, and More!

DCeased Hope at world's end 4 review
DCeased: Hope At World’s End Issue 4 (Image: DC Comics)

Unfortunately, nothing major was released by Marvel or DC Comics this week. However, I still found a couple of interesting titles to read. In this week’s comic book review round-up, I will be covering Billionaire Island Issue 2, Star Issue 5, and DCeased: Hope At World’s End Issue 4.

I will begin this review by talking about DCeased: Hope At World’s End Issue 4 by writer Tom Taylor. For those following my reviews of the DCeased series, you know I wasn’t a fan of the main storyline. However, I ended up enjoying all of the side stories. The first was the DCeased: Unkillables miniseries and now we have DCeased: Hope At World’s End. As a side story, the current miniseries is a great way to offer context to the main storyline. It focuses on how a whole lot of other heroes and villains tried to prevent themselves from getting infected.

DCeased: Hope At World’s End Issue 4 offered a very sweet moment between Superman and Damian as Bruce’s son decided to take up his father’s mantle. We know that Damian will play a role in the upcoming DCeased: Dead Planet comic book.

DCeased Hope At World's End Issue 4 review
Aerie and Wink in ‘DCeased: Hope At World’s End’ Issue 4 (Image: DC Comics)

The rest of the story followed the queer couple Aerie and Wink. Will those two remain safe? Only time will tell. I like Aerie and Wink. You can get to learn more about them in Taylor’s current (highly-enjoyable) Suicide Squad series.

Recommendation: PICK IT UP!

Star Issue 5 review
Star Issue 5 (Image: Marvel Comics)

Star Issue 5

I’m not exactly sure what’s been happening in the Star miniseries, but I’m definitely enjoying how writer Kelly Thompson has been handling certain characters. Also, I’m a fan of stories that involve fictional beings that can manipulate reality.

Star Issue 5 review
Star Issue 5 (Image: Marvel Comics)

I think the final issue boiled down to Star striking a bargain with the Black Order to leave her the heck alone. Apparently, Star will continue to walk the line between good and evil. However, with what the final panel showed, she might be more bad than good? I don’t know. It could be a misdirect. Thanos has to come after her down the line, right? 

Anyway, I want Thompson to write a story involving Wiccan and Scarlet Witch and a whole lot of reality-altering craziness.

Recommendation: Maybe try binge-reading this 5-part miniseries?

Billionaire Island Issue 2 review
Billionaire Island Issue 2 (Ahoy Comics)

Billionaire Island Issue 2

I was provided a free review copy of Billionaire Island Issue 2. The opinions I have shared are my own.

I reviewed the first issue back in March of this year. And the second issue has finally arrived. As the name states, the premise deals with an island created for billionaires. You can do anything on said island as long as you have the money.

The second issue showed Trent taking up Corey Spagnola’s identity to infiltrate the island for revenge. Now, I’m not sure how smart Trent’s supposed to be because I think he got caught quite easily. Unless it was his plan to get caught? Let’s see.

I am enjoying writer Mark Russell‘s take on Shelly. She’s a very determined reporter and I appreciated her not waiting around to be rescued. She figured out a plan and I have to say I thought something was going to go wrong. That’s the thing with Billionaire Island. A lot of the stuff is being handled with a comedic sense that has something sinister underneath. Yes, you laugh at how certain people act. Even the descriptions for the buildings is comedic. But you can tell that this is a dangerous place to be in.

Billionaire Island Issue 2 review
Billionaire Island Issue 2 (Image: Ahoy Comics)

With Trent caught and Shelly having escaped (into more trouble?), I’m looking forward to seeing what will happen next. And if you feel that certain things are holding up a mirror to current society, well, that’s a clear intentional writing choice. This story is funny but also offers a scary warning of what could be.

Recommendation: PICK IT UP!

Which comic books did you read this week? Let us know.

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