“House of X” Issue 5 Review: Society (Or ‘What the Heck is Wrong with Prof X?’)

House of X Issue 5 review
House of X Issue 5 (Image: Marvel Comics)

Jonathan Hickman’s House of X Issue 5 decided to make things weirder and creepier. I’m not sure what the future holds for the X-Men (and other mutants), but right now they are all acting like a cult with sinister undertones.

This review of House of X Issue 5 contains major spoilers. Be warned!

Even though I think the reset button will be pushed on certain events before the current storyline by Hickman concludes, it sure is a very interesting narrative. The way Hickman’s writing the X-Men is very different and serves as a much-needed breath of fresh air for the long-running franchise.

Anyway, coming to issue 5, remember when I talked about all of the deaths in House of X Issue 4 not sticking because we’re reading a comic book?

Well, of course, those killings were reversed (in a way).

Remember when I said I didn’t trust the creepy-looking Professor X and the mutants coming out of the strange pods?

Well, we got an answer!

Professor X is rebirthing dead mutants. There’s so much morally wrong behind such a decision (as far as my opinion goes).

The rebirthing process involves five mutants. Goldballs is able to make non-viable biological eggs. Proteus warps reality to turn the eggs viable. Elixir kick-starts life inside the egg. Tempus manipulates time to control the maturity process. Hope works with the rest of the group to keep them synergized.

House of X Issue 5
The Rebirthing Process in House of X Issue 5 (Image: Marvel Comics)

Due to such a process, Professor X is able to use Mister Sinister’s DNA samples (of mutants around the globe) to create biological husks. Prof X then transfers memories to the husk and it’s as if the original person is back.

Again, it’s super weird and creepy!

Seeing Storm serving as a preacher to the inhabitants of Krakoa was surprising. I have no idea why Ororo (who values life and the natural order of things) would agree to such a rebirthing process. Maybe she isn’t the real Storm? Maybe the original X-Men are trapped somewhere and we have been seeing their husks being puppeteered by Prof X?

House of X Issue 5 review
Storm in House of X Issue 5 (Image: Marvel Comics)

With only a few more issues left, let’s see how Hickman sets the stage for the upcoming Dawn of X titles.

The art by Pepe Larraz (with colors by Marte Gracia) continues to give Hickman’s story appealing visuals. Even though we get panels that feature an island that’s basically paradise for mutantkind, the artwork makes sure to let us know there’s just something not right. Whether it’s through how the characters express themselves or the combination of colors being used during certain scenes, the visuals will keep you alert. You can just feel everything Prof X has created can fall apart in an instant.

Y’all, going through the pages of the House of X comic book series is an experience.

Feel free to share your thoughts about House of X Issue 5 with us.

Author: Farid-ul-Haq

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