“House of X” Issue 1 Review: Bringing Forth a New Era for Mutants!

House of X Issue 1 Review Marvel Comics 2019
Professor X in House of X Issue 1 (Image: Marvel Comics)

If the rest of the series is anything like House of X Issue 1, writer Jonathan Hickman has indeed kept his word about bringing forth a new era for mutants in the Marvel Comic Book Universe. I greatly enjoyed the premiere, and yes, I don’t trust Professor X at all.

House of X Issue 1 features art by Pepe Larraz and colors by Marte Gracia. The two work well with Hickman’s script. Larraz’s pencils are expressive while Gracia comes in with his colors to give the panels a surreal feeling.

Hickman seems to be taking the X-Men on a more religious and philosophical route. Mutants have been discriminated against for decades and it makes sense for them to finally say enough and make an impact. Professor X does have the credentials to be the right choice to lead mutants into the new era, but I can’t make myself trust him completely.

Charles’ introduction in this issue is with him saying the words “To me, my X-Men.” While that’s a motivational call, the line coming from Charles in House of X Issue 1 had a creepy undertone. I didn’t like it one bit.

Professor X has done a lot to make mutants an international power. Not only do they have their own territory to live in, but they also have their own economy, language, technology, and such. All thanks to Krakoa.

We also got a confirmation about known Omega level mutants. Apparantly, they are supposed to be resources and in a way, considered to be on a higher level than ordinary mutants.

House of X Issue 1 spent a lot of time on worldbuilding and I enjoyed every panel. Even though Professor X is offering three gifts to humanity, humans shouldn’t take it his generosity for granted. Charles knows mutant-kind is the superior species. However, the mutants have decided to not take Earth away from humans (yet).

And of course, with the rise of mutants (in 20 years they will be the dominant species), the humans have to plan some kind of retaliation, and they definitely do. A war between humans and mutants is inevitable.

House of X Issue 1 can be described as a story about a fantasy that minority communities have; of one day not being discriminated against.

With a singular story set to unfold over the comic book series’ House of X (set in the present) and Powers of X (set in the future), I can’t wait to see where the mutants stand once all is said and done.

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Author: Farid-ul-Haq

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