Storm Finally Confirmed as an Omega Level Mutant In “House of X” Issue 1

House of X Omega Level Mutant
Omega level mutants in “House of X” Issue 1 (Image: Marvel Comics)

The day has finally arrived for some unfortunate arguments to be laid to rest. Marvel’s House of X Issue 1 by writer Jonathan Hickman offered readers a definition about what it means to be an Omega level mutant.

It also confirmed Ororo Munroe/Storm as one. Goddess be praised!

Writer Jonathan Hickman has a plan for mutants. His story in House of X and Power of X (read ‘Power of Ten’) is supposed to give rise to a narrative for the X-Men to last decades. It is about bringing the mutants to the forefront of the Marvel Comics Universe.

I have read the first issue of House of X, and I’ll be reviewing it, too. But for now, let’s get back to talking about Omega level mutants.

Basically, such a mutant is deemed incredibly powerful because of limitless power. A mutant with more than one power can be considered Omega in one type and not the other. For example, Jean Grey has both telekinesis and telepathy. But she is only classified as an Omega level telepath.

I’m glad Hickman decided to share this information. Storm has been teased as a potential Omega level mutant for quite some time in the comics. It took years, but we finally have confirmation. Hopefully, now certain people will stop arguing with Ororo fans about her powers.

I mean, seriously, the hate for Storm in certain parts of the fandom can be quite unfortunate. She’s literally a divine being who controls the freaking weather. So, her being an Omega level mutant as well shouldn’t be up for debate. But again, some people continue to hate her for whatever reason.

With the confirmation we got this week, Storm, as of now, is the first and only African-American mutant to be classified at such a level.

Also, I wonder if Billy Kaplan or Wiccan is considered an Omega level mutant, too. His powerset is similar to Franklin Richards (who is on the list). Billy is also supposed to be the Demiurge (a divine being similar to Storm).

Have you read House of X Issue 1? What did you think of it? Let us know.

Author: Farid-ul-Haq

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12 thoughts on “Storm Finally Confirmed as an Omega Level Mutant In “House of X” Issue 1

  1. Yes! And while Storm has been screwed in the movies, we always have the comics and cartoons.

    1. Ugh! Those Fox movies. If even the MCU can’t do Storm justice, I don’t know what I’ll do, lol.

  2. This classification has been a long time coming. Based on feats alone, Storm has displayed time and time again that she has the potential to wield incalculable amounts of energy! To be frank, to simply describe her as a ‘weather manipulator’ while accurate, is wholly stripping her of the grand nature of her power.

    Simple put, the woman can see and control various forms of energy down to the atomic level! It’s not out of the realm of possibility for her to manipulate reality itself.

    1. I agree. The term ‘weather manipulation’ feels too simplistic for what she can and has been shown to do; even being able to control energies out in space. But oh well, at least we got such a confirmation cos the backlash some Storm fans would get (from certain parts of the comic book reader world) for saying Ororo was an Omega level mutant was something I wasn’t a fan of.

      Manipulating weather is in itself an Omega level power. Zeus, the most powerful of Gods, had it. Ororo being an Omega shouldn’t have been up for debate from the beginning, lol.

      1. Totally agreed! At this rate I’m now just waiting for Marvel/Hickman to break down the final argument against her. Can she outmatch Thor’s control over the weather. All the signs point to – YES. But alas it needs to be official and sadly that probably wont happen until Storm/The X-Men are on the road to make their MCU debut.

      1. I’d love for some proof to back up this claim. I can only assume that by “political move” you mean Marvel placing their most prominent black mutant on a list that is wholly made up of white people. But that then begs the question why did they wait until now to do so? Even the Pre-Hickman omega level mutant list featured majority white characters, so if it was a political move it was late as all get out.

        But putting that aside, I fail to see how Storm appearing on the list strikes you or anyone else as odd? She has the feats to put her on the list several times over especially when compared to another mutant who routinely burns out his powers/uses machines when he needs to push himself to the limit.

  3. I think because they retconned Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver to no longer be mutants I think that extents to Wiccan as well. I don’t think he’s a mutant anymore, so he wouldn’t be considered Omega.

    1. That’s the confusing part because Wiccan’s future appearances as a member of the X-Men have continued even after that Wanda and Quicksilver retcon. So, I take it Wiccan and his brother ‘Speed’ are still mutants even if Wanda and Quicksilver aren’t.

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