‘X-Men + Fantastic Four’ in 2020: Prof X. Wants Franklin? But What About My Gay Magic Boy?

x-men and Fantastic Four issue 1 2020

X-Men + Fantastic Four Issue 1 (Image: Marvel Comics)

After the incredible groundwork Jonathan Hickman laid for the future of the X-Men comic books, fans can look forward to X-Men + Fantastic Four being released in February 2020. Apparently, Professor X wants Franklin Richards to be in Krakoa. And while that makes sense, why hasn’t Prof X reached out to gay magic boy Wiccan?

Giving you a bit of a refresher, Franklin Richards is the mutant son of Reed Richards and Sue Storm. He is also considered to be the strongest mutant to ever exist and (arguably) exceeds the Omega-level classification. He’s basically a reality manipulator and is capable of creating entire universes. If I were Professor X, I would definitely want Franklin to be part of Krakoa and use him to help my mutant-centric agenda.

Announced at London’s MCM Comic Con, X-Men + Fantastic Four will be a four-issue mini-series written by Chip Zdarsky. Yes, he’s the same dude who brought us the highly enjoyable and queer The White Tress. So, I’m looking forward to seeing what he’ll offer in this upcoming Marvel story. The art will be by Terry and Rachel Dodson.

The tension between the X-Men and Fantastic Four was seen in Hickman’s House of X issue 1. From what I could gather, Zdarsky will be exploring this plot point. He also shared that the story will be more about different perspectives, and not just giving the two teams a reason to fight each other.

house of X issue 1

House of X Issue 1 (Image: Marvel Comics)

I’m interested in seeing what Franklin thinks of the whole Krakoa situation and the offer of joining a place where he’ll be revered by fellow mutants.

Franklin also has a sister named Valeria. She’s a super-genius, and I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s revealed to be a mutant, too. Unless she has already been revealed to be a mutant, and I somehow missed it?

Anyway, it’s great to have reality manipulators on the team, especially someone like Franklin. And talking about reality manipulators, why hasn’t Wiccan been invited to Krakoa? My gay magical boy can manipulate reality, too! And it’s weird to see him not being recruited by the X-Men (as of yet), even though he has been shown to be part of the team in future timelines.

While Wiccan is currently featured in Tini Howard’s Strikeforce series, I do get frustrated over how he hasn’t been a part of recent major Marvel Comics Universe events. I would have him on speed-dial if I ever led a mutant superhero team.

What’s interesting is that currently both Franklin and Billy (Wiccan) are experiencing a weird burnout of their powers. Billy isn’t able to freely play around with reality as he used to when he was a kid. Similarly, Franklin, who has grown older before returning to Earth, is in danger of exhausting his powers (permanently?) and only uses them as a last resort.

X-Men + Fantastic Four 2020

Fantastic Four Issue 10 (Image: Marvel Comics)

I really want Billy and Franklin to team-up in a comic book story or talk about what’s happening with their powers and their destiny to become beings that will reshape the face of the Marvel Comic Book Universe.

Are you excited about X-Men + Fantastic Four? Will you pick it up in 2020? Let us know.

Author: Farid-ul-Haq

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