Geekiary News Briefs: Zoe Kravitz is Catwoman! Billy Porter is the Fairy Godmother! And More!

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Welcome to the latest Geekiary News Briefs! I’ve got some interesting stuff to share with you all. I’ll be going over Zoe Kravitz being cast as Catwoman, Billy Porter as the Fairy Godmother, Gina Rodriguez being called anti-black, Kevin Feige becoming Marvel’s Chief Creative Officer, and more!

Let’s begin with the latest US box office results. The Joker was able to stay at the top of the box office for the second week in a row. We’ve already reviewed the movie (if you want to read it). While there are numerous opinions about it, many have been impressed with how well-constructed and well-acted the film is. I wouldn’t be surprised if Joker ends up getting a handful of Oscar nominations and even be able to win an award or two next year.

And yes, I do think that the hype Joaquin Phoenix has garnered for his performance in Joker played a role in Robert Downey Jr. backing out of an Oscar campaign for Iron Man even though Marvel was willing to go to bat for him.

Moving on, Zoe Kravitz will be playing Catwoman in the upcoming Batman solo film. While I’m all for adding diversity to the big screen, I’m a bit uncertain about Kravitz’s acting skills. Yes, I’ve seen her in a number of films, but she’s never really stood out (acting-wise) for me.

Also, with the new Batman movie having Jeffrey Wright as Commissioner Gordon, it’s safe to assume Batgirl will be of African descent, too. And while I appreciate these changes, I can’t help but think the film should broaden its racial appeal. Why not go for a Catwoman of Hispanic heritage? Or even cast an Asian in such a role? Maybe we’ll get to see more races as other characters are announced? Let’s see what happens.

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Image: Twitter @THR

Talking about casting, the amazing Billy Porter has been cast as the Fairy Godmother in Sony’s live-action Cinderella movie. I’m so here for it!

Actress Gina Rodriguez got into trouble on social media when she posted an Instagram video where she said the N-word while singing a song. Of course, she took down the video. However, she also posted an apology that came across as insincere. I mean, if your apology is going to use the word “if I offended” in it, then it’s better not to fake an apology at all. Rodriguez already has a history of sharing anti-black comments. Time will tell when it comes to the consequences she might face down the line.

Coming to the end of this installment of the Geekiary News Briefs, Kevin Feige has become Marvel’s Cheif Creative Officer. Apparently, he will be overseeing all things Marvel-related. From what I can tell, this includes everything from Marvel’s animated content to films and upcoming streaming shows. I don’t think he’ll be overseeing comic books, though, and you know what? I hope he doesn’t.

While we all know that Feige is a visionary, I would rather the Marvel comic books remain their own entity. I say this because I don’t want them to be completely transformed into promotional material for the MCU, which, we all know, some of them already are.

What do you think of Kravitz being Catwoman? Are you a fan of Billy Porter?

Feel free to share your thoughts with us.

Author: Farid-ul-Haq

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