Recommendation: Watch the “Stormythology” Series to Learn More About the Iconic Storm

Storm (Image: Marvel Comics)

The live-action X-Men film franchise wasted Storm as a character. Instead of making her a fierce leader and an African Goddess, Ororo Munroe was pushed to the background to make Wolverine and other white mutants shine. For those who wish to learn more about why Storm is an iconic comic book character, I recommend you check out the Stormythology series on YouTube.

With X-Men: Dark Phoenix (for some reason) nearing its June 7, 2019, release date, I think I should at least be thankful for the upcoming film being the last time I’ll get to see Storm being treated badly on the big screen.

For me, Dark Phoenix continues the studio’s trend of focusing on special white mutants and their problems, while characters like Storm only serve to tick the diversity box.

Fingers crossed, the MCU treats Ororo Munroe better. She has a very rich background, and it was disappointing for me to see FOX making her nothing more than the team’s token African-American mutant.

While the trailers for Dark Phoenix don’t show Ororo doing much, a music video (featuring Emeli Sandé) does have Storm-centric scenes.

But even then, it seems Storm will only be throwing lightning bolts and summoning some winds in X-Men: Dark Phoenix. No wonder some people in the fandom call the FOX version raincloud, shower, or similar words instead of Storm.

Her powers and personality are so much more than that. Sigh!

That’s why I appreciate The Stormitorium doing the Stormythology series. It explores Ororo’s rich heritage.

For those who don’t know, she is linked to Oshtur and thus the magic present in the Marvel Comic Book Universe. She also has the ancestral gift of Godhead which has allowed her to transcend to Goddesshood.

Do yourselves a favor and watch the Stormythology series. It is incredibly well-researched with enjoyable voicework. I can’t wait for it to continue.

The videos will help you better understand why certain fans are frustrated with Ororo’s portrayal in FOX’s live-action X-Men franchise.

I have high hopes from you, Disney/MCU. Don’t let me down.

Are you a fan of Storm? Let us know.

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