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We’re fans of card games at the Geekiary. Do you like card games? Well, meet The Sound Cypher! I got to talk to the creator of The Sound Cypher, and we quickly went over what it’s about, how you play, and more!

An interesting fact: the creator of The Sound Cypher card game is a former accountant turned DJ named Urban Aristocrat.

Here’s my quick little interview with him!

The Geekiary: Tell me how you came with The Sound Cypher?

Urban Aristocrat: Well, The Sound Cypher (TSC) was born out of getting to know my wife and our mutual love for music. In its infancy, the game started as a way to answer the proverbial question of, “what do you know about this (song/album)?”

TG: How do you play?

UA: It’s easy! First, shuffle The Sound Cypher deck thoroughly. The purpose of the game is to play the best song that goes with the topic presented by the cards. Each player (up to 10) gets a chance to play a song for each card selected. Each song submitted is played for a least a minute or until the end of the 1st chorus and a max of 2 minutes or 2 verses (whichever is shorter).

During the max play time (2 minutes) the next player is tasked with figuring out a better song that relates to the category. The game becomes difficult at certain points because an artist can only be played 1x per round (card), no songs can be repeated during the game, there’s no “searching” for the song beyond the 10 suggestions given by Youtube and once the previous song is cut off you only have 10 seconds to play the next song.

The game requires access to the internet, YouTube, and a smart device like a phone, tablet or Smart TV.

sound cypher card game

TG: Where can I buy it?

UA: We are currently preparing to launch a Kickstarter campaign for TSC. The go-live date is still pending but we are shooting for a 35-day Kickstarter campaign to be started in July. For now, you can get the latest information online at and on Instagram at thesoundcypher_.

Do you enjoy listening to music? Are you interested in playing The Sound Cypher? Let us know.

Author: Elana Murray

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