The Bitching Dead Issue #48: Remember When ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Was Good?

The Bitching Dead issue 48 Alicia and bird fear the walking dead season 7
Alicia and the bird in ‘Divine Providence’ (Screengrab: Fear the Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 15)

The Bitching Dead issue 48 had Bekah, Tara, and I discussing Fear the Walking Dead season 7 through episodes 9 to 16. The second half of FTWD season 7 was just plain boring. Remember when Fear the Walking Dead used to be good? Sigh!

I would like to say that the drop in ratings for Fear the Walking Dead season 7 does indicate the fall in quality quite well. I guess we aren’t the only ones getting bored. The mid-season premiere with episode 9 ‘Follow Me’ got 0.84 million live viewers with episode 14 ‘Divine Providence’ going all the way down to 0.66 million live viewers. At this point, the ratings for FTWD are very close to the numbers for The Walking Dead: World Beyond. And that’s just sad. (via Wikipedia)

It will be interesting to see if Madison’s return to the series, which was revealed back in December of 2021, can help increase the ratings for the finale (episode 16 ‘Gone’).

In other franchise news, we talked about how actress Melissa McBride decided to exit the upcoming Daryl and Carol-centric TWD spin-off. Even though Carol won’t be in it, TPTB are still moving forward with the project with Daryl. As of writing this, I haven’t been able to find any news about Daryl getting another co-lead to replace Carol.

Anyway, here’s The Bitching Dead issue 48 webcast!

Here are the highlights in no particular order:

  • One of the biggest disappointments in the second half of the Fear the Walking Dead season 7 was how the writers just couldn’t stick to a particular direction. A number of potentially interesting plot points were introduced only to be taken away or forgotten. It was quite frustrating.
  • The writers creating new characters only to have them killed in the same episode was very eye-roll inducing.
  • Sorry not sorry, but I just can’t make myself feel bad about Charlie living on borrowed time due to radiation poisoning.
  • Talking about radiation poisoning, the way the writers decided to “cure” Alicia by having her wake up from a nap in episode 15 ‘Amina’ was just poor writing. I guess they needed to keep her character around if actress Alycia Debnam-Carey decided to come back after shooting her new show SaintX for Hulu.
  • Daniel refuses to die! He even got shot and yet he’s still alive and seems to be okay.
  • The writing team really didn’t know what to do with Wes. Seeing him leave Morgan’s group made sense. However, what didn’t make sense was Wes siding with Victor and then rebelling against him. I don’t know about you, but Howard should have been the one standing up to Victor when Alicia showed up in episode 14.
  • Speaking of Howard, Victor not telling Howard his family was already dead was such a Victor thing to do.
  • The Walking Dead franchise really needs to stop using hallucinations as a plot device.
  • The toxic nature of Victor’s “love” for Alicia was interesting.
  • Seeing Madison’s return during the finale was underwhelming. The writers more or less ruined her character and had her appear quite weak to prop up Morgan.
  • My theory is that P.A.D.R.E is experimenting on little kids born after the zombie outbreak to find some kind of cure or to at least find out if the kids have some kind of immunity that allows them to not turn into zombies after death (unless they get bit).
  • As for recommendations, Bekah recommended The Bob’s Burgers Movie. Tara recommended Stranger Things season 4 and Obi-Wan Kenobi. I recommended the Game of Thrones/ASOIAF parody “Queens: The Musical“.

What did you think of the second half of Fear the Walking Dead season 7? Are you excited to see more of Madison in season 8?

Let us know.

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