Boruto: Naruto Next Generations 1×237 Review – “The Mobile Fortress”

The Mobile Fortress Boruto anime episode 237 review
Kagura vs Tenma in ‘The Mobile Fortress’ (Screengrab: Boruto anime episode 237)

Boruto anime episode 237, titled ‘The Mobile Fortress’, handed our heroes a win. However, the current arc is far from over and there’s still a lot of trouble ahead.

‘The Mobile Fortress’ was all about Boruto, Kawaki, Kagura, and his reinforcements trying to figure out a way to destroy the Funato Clan’s dangerous Chakra Cannon before it could be used to destroy the ship carrying Salad, Mitsuki, Iwabe, Denki, Metal Lee, and the people they rescued from Dotou island.

With Tenma being introduced in the previous episode, I had been hoping to see how powerful an opponent he was going to be. ‘The Mobile Fortress’ gave us an answer. I think Tenma’s capable of a lot more, but I still enjoyed the action sequence we got as Tenma faced Boruto and his team. Tenma’s weapon was revealed to be called the Fiddler Crab. As the name stated, the weapon was basically a giant crab claw. It was quite dangerous, capable of cutting through solid steel.

Not only that, his fighting skills made quick work of Hebiichigo and Buntan. Even Kagura wasn’t capable of handling Tenma on his own. I liked how Kawaki decided to assist Kagura. While certain fans might have wanted Boruto to fight Tenma, Kawaki was the more sensible choice because Kawaki’s able to use his scientifically modified body to grow a blade to fight with.

During the fight with Tenma, we also got to see Kyoho’s issue with seeing blood. The sight of blood forced Kyoho to enter a state of frenzy, leading him to attack indiscriminately. Here’s hoping the anime writers decide to explore that aspect of Kyoho’s personality.

With Kawaki and Kagura keeping Tenma busy, it fell on Boruto to figure out a way to destroy the massive Chakra Cannon. I liked how Boruto and his team failed to stop the cannon’s first shot at the ship Salad and her peers were in. While Denki was able to steer the ship away from the direct line of attack, the fact a shot was fired in the first place helped raise the stakes for Boruto and his team inside the mobile fortress. They had to hurry because there was no way the ship would have survived another hit.

Boruto’s a smart character. I liked how he figured out how to use a crane as a way to stop the Chakra Cannon from firing at his friends again. I still don’t know why Boruto didn’t simply start pulling apart the wiring of the Chakra Cannon, but oh well, at least, Boruto’s plan also resulted in the mobile fortress getting damaged and stopping it from chasing the ship.

With Tenma still standing, I’m looking forward to seeing him, his brother, and his father getting a rematch with Boruto and the rest. I have no idea who will be fighting whom, but I’m excited about the upcoming confrontation!

‘The Mobile Fortress’ ended with everyone reuniting on the ship as it headed back to the Hidden Mist Village. Iwabe, Denki, and Metal Lee complaining to Salad about why she didn’t tell them about known criminals Kyoho, Buntan, and Hebiichigo working for Kagura made for a fun little comedic moment.

With our heroes making their way to the Hidden Leaf Village and the Funato Clan still out there, I have a feeling the current arc will only continue to get better!

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