Boruto: Naruto Next Generations 1×114 Review: X Cards Proxy War!

X Cards Proxy War Boruto 114 review
X Cards Proxy War! (Image: Screengrab)

‘X Cards Proxy War!’ offered an enjoyable filler to Boruto fans while they continue to wait for the anime to adapt the events from the manga.

I don’t know if the cards Boruto and friends were shown collecting in this episode are real, but I do want them. I liked how ‘X Cards Proxy War!’ displayed Boruto’s caring side. He respects Shino as his teacher and I enjoyed seeing him try and get Shino a card of his own.

If Kiba and Akamaru have cards, Shino should have one, too. But I guess we’re supposed to go along with the continuing gag of how everyone tends to forget about the insect-using shinobi even though he is quite powerful.

The reveal of even Rock Lee not having a card was surprising to me. I can understand Shino’s exclusion (because of the gag), but Rock Lee not being present in the collectible card game character roster made no sense at all. He is clearly one of the best taijutsu fighters in the entire shinobi world. He deserves a card!

It was fun seeing Boruto and Metal trying to gain votes. While Boruto wanted his teacher Shino to fill the single empty slot in the upcoming second wave release of the card series, Metal wanted his father Rock Lee to be selected instead.

The main lesson in this episode was about how you shouldn’t strive for popularity to weigh your worth. Not being well-known doesn’t mean you can’t play your part in bettering the world. In the age of social media, I think such a lesson was good for kids as well as certain grownups.

I also liked how ‘X Cards Proxy War!’ showed you shouldn’t make fun of others because of their hobbies. While Salad said Boruto and the boys were immature for spending money on a card game she walked away to spend cash (with Chocho) on desserts.

We are allowed to use our money on the things we like and there’s no need to say a certain hobby is better than any other interest which might make us happy.

Some people like to spend on toys while others like food or clothes. It’s all good.

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