Boruto: Naruto Next Generations 1×206 Review – “The New Team 7”

The New Team 7 Boruto anime episode 206 review
“The New Team 7” faces Boro (Image: Screengrab)

With Naruto being sealed away by Jigen, Boruto anime episode 206, ‘The New Team 7’ opened with our young leads teleporting to a different dimension and getting to face Boro to save Naruto.

Before I get to the main events that transpired in this episode, I want to talk about Boro’s cult (which is yet to appear in the manga). The Boruto anime has been using some of the previous episodes to showcase said cult. We know that Boro visits disease-struck communities to offer them a miracle cure and have them pledge their allegiance to his cause involving the Infinite Tsukuyomi. ‘The New Team 7’ had a scene where Boro talked about his entire process.

As someone capable of using scientific ninja weapons to spread a virus-filled Black Mist, Boro deliberately makes villagers sick. After some time has passed, he then visits the ill to offer them a cure. According to Boro, it’s easier to manipulate people desperate to be saved. To them, Boro being able to instantly heal them is nothing short of a miracle. So, of course, they are more willing to accept his opinions of living in a perfect world created by the Infinite Tsukuyomi.

I have mentioned in my previous episode reviews that I hope the creative team decides to spend more time with Boro’s cult. I want to see Boruto’s peers getting a mission to put a stop to such a cult and try and save the numerous followers. We know Boro’s been telling them lies about the Infinite Tsukuyomi and how falling under such a powerful genjutsu means your life will slowly drain away while you live in a world made of dreams. Boruto’s peers need more screentime, and putting a stop to Boro’s cult can serve as a good opportunity. 

Coming to the main stuff in ‘The New Team 7’, it’s clear from the start that Boro’s toying with the young ninjas. Seeing Boruto deciding to charge at Boro without a proper plan made me roll my eyes. I get that he’s emotional due to Naruto being sealed away, but at this point of the story, Boruto should know better than to run directly at a formidable opponent.

Even though Kawaki helped him out, the two got caught in Boro’s Dark Mist and became paralyzed. With two of the four-person team down, it fell on Salad and Mitsuki to ensure everyone’s safety. I liked how this episode was all about showcasing how smart Salad and Mitsuki can be during high-intensity situations. Salad utilized her Sharingan to analyze Boro’s movements from the beginning and caused a diversion to save Kawaki and Boruto. Mitsuki created enough of a diversion to poison Boro (it didn’t work, but my little snake-child gets points for trying!) as well as introduce a bit of the Dark Mist into his own body to help create the necessary antibodies (which he then proceeded to inject into the rest of the team). Due to how Orochimaru decided to create his son, Mitsuki’s body is a walking laboratory. I love that for him!

Salad got more chances to shine after being selected as the Captain of Team 7. As someone dreaming of one day becoming Hokage, I’m so here for such character development. Even though Salad’s an impressive fighter, she’s also someone who takes the safety of her team members very seriously. Salad knows when to retreat and rethink strategies. As for Mitsuki, even though he’s another good candidate to be named Captain, I think he’s happy playing more of a supportive role during team missions. So, yay for Salad being given such an important role.

I smiled when Boruto opposed Salad being voted Team Captain. He’s a competitive kid after all. However, he accepted Salad as Captain after Mitsuki and Kawaki showed their support for her and he realized they were running out of time.

the new team 7 boruto anime episode 206 review
Captain Salad in “The New Team 7” (Image: Screengrab)

Salad certainly didn’t disappoint in her new role. I enjoyed Salad taking on Boro alone during their rematch (even though it involved getting hurt) to create the perfect opening for Boruto and Kawaki to deal a powerful blow to their foe. And while their plan was executed flawlessly, Boro’s superhuman-level regeneration ended up being too much for Team 7 to handle.

I’m looking forward to seeing how our four young ninjas will work together to take Boro down for good. As someone who has read the manga, I’m excited for more moments focusing on Salad and her determination to defeat Boro, protect her team, and save Naruto. I just know the manga panels are going to look awesome in the anime adaptation. 

‘The New Team 7’ also shared more information about Kawaki and Boruto’s Karma Marks. It’s revealed that the resonation between the two marks can be used to power up attacks. Kawaki used his mark to boost Boruto’s Rasengan during this episode.

However, there are certain limitations involved. The Karma Mark can absorb Ninjutsu that’s solely based on chakra. For example, a Water Jutsu attack being produced by a person’s own chakra can be easily absorbed by Kawaki and Boruto. However, if a person uses their natural surroundings for an attack, the Karma Mark won’t be able to absorb it. This means that a Water Jutsu attack utilizing an actual water source will make the Karma Mark’s impressive absorption properties ineffective.

This is something our heroes should keep in mind when coming up with battle plans. Such a limit was the reason why Kawaki and Boruto couldn’t absorb Boro’s Black Mist (he’s creating the paralysis-inducing virus from scientific ninja tools present inside his body).

Some other thoughts and questions:

  • I was surprised to see that the new opening sequence contains some major spoilers for upcoming events.
  • The closing sequence also hinted at certain major developments coming up for Naruto.
  • I was a bit disappointed the anime decided to rework Salad’s lifting strength. Instead of showing her lift and throw a giant boulder at Boro as in the manga, the anime decided to show her punch a boulder toward Boro.
  • While the manga had Salad be the one to see the virus in the Dark Mist, the anime made Mitsuki share such crucial intel.
  • I understand certain fans having an issue with how ‘The New Team 7’ downplayed Salad compared to what she did in the manga against Boro. However, going by the changes made in this episode, I think she still shone bright and I can’t wait to see what she will do next.
  • Yes, I’m aware of the timely jokes being made in the fandom involving Boro’s virus and Mitsuki creating an effective vaccine.

What did you think of ‘The New Team 7’?

Let us know. 

Author: Farid-ul-Haq

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