Boruto: Naruto Next Generations 1×176 Review – “Blockade the A-Un Gate!”

blockade the a-un gate boruto anime 176 review
Naruto talking about the village’s security in “Blockade the A-Un Gate!” (Image: Screengrab)

With the threat posed by the Kara organization continuing to grow, “Blockade the A-Un Gate!” showed Naruto having to make a crucial decision about the Hidden Leaf Village’s security.

While some of the young ninjas have faced members of the Kara organization, it’s the adults who have to figure out how to handle such a dangerous situation. As the Hokage, Naruto’s tasked with keeping the people in the Hidden Leaf Village safe. “Blockade the A-Un Gate!” followed Naruto as he tried to come up with the best course of action.

I liked how the writers stuck to Naruto’s personality. He’s someone who’s all about forming connections and encouraging peace. Limiting the number of people who could come and go from the village was against Naruto’s nature. He would never want to do anything that would cause an inconvenience for others.

It was nice seeing Naruto walk around the village to figure out what decision he should make. He talked to the ninjas in charge of the security at the village’s gate. He talked to Kiba about how security dogs were sniffing the luggage of those arriving by train. The current Hokage also talked to the Konoha Police Force and realized that there are some inhabitants who aren’t too passionate about the village.

Naruto’s conversation with Kakashi was interesting. It helped Naruto understand that even though certain outsiders can be seen as a nuisance, they still have something worthwhile to offer.

Finally, it was Naruto’s interaction with Boruto and his friends that helped him realize what he needed to do. “Blockage the A-Un Gate!” featured Boruto and the rest of the young ninjas helping Denki with a hot air balloon. Denki’s experiment involved sending a wireless signal from the hot air balloon to connect the receiver in the Hidden Leaf Village with another device in a different region. If successful, it would lay the groundwork for the Five Great Nations to contact each other immediately during emergencies.

The enthusiasm Denki showed over possibly connecting the Five Great Nations in such a manner encouraged Naruto to not limit the access to the Hidden Leaf Village. To counter security threats, Naruto would strengthen the village’s surveillance system. Time will tell if Naruto made the right decision.

The biggest moment occurred during the closing few minutes of this episode. Turns out, Victor’s still alive. But, I guess, Deepa’s dead?

I couldn’t help but laugh as Victor tried to convince Jigen that it was Deepa who came up with the plan to create a fake Divine Tree. It was quite obvious Jigen didn’t trust a word Victor said. Victor’s all about looking out for himself. His next course of action will be to steal the mysterious “vessel” from under Jigen’s nose. Manga readers know where this current arc is headed. I’m excited!

Other thoughts and questions:

  • The ninjas that Naruto selected to send as messengers to the other nations were interesting. Of course, he would send Temari to talk to her brother Gaara in the Hidden Sand Village. Choji was sent to the Hidden Cloud Village (his wife Karui’s from there).
  • I was a bit surprised at everyone being excited about Denki’s experiment involving a wireless communication system. I thought the Boruto world already had wireless technology.
  • It was fun to see Naruto and the rest of the adults slowly realizing that there were Outer as well as Inner members present in the Kara organization.

What did you think of “Blockage the A-Un Gate!”? Do you think Naruto made the right call?

Let us know.

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