Boruto: Naruto Next Generations 1×103 Review: Migration Season

boruto anime 103 migration season review
Boruto and Sumire in “Migration Season” (Image: Screengrab)

‘Migration Season’ allowed the current Cursed Mark arc to have a satisfying conclusion. I hope the upcoming arcs in the Boruto anime end up being as enjoyable as this one.

Tosaka got what he wanted. The mad scientist was very passionate about fighting Jugo to see which version of the Cursed Marked was superior. The battle didn’t last long. Even though Tosaka’s version morphed him into a scary monster, Jugo was able to defeat him in seconds. It couldn’t even be considered a battle due to the huge power imbalance. Tosaka should have kept his ambitions smaller by only focusing on spreading the Cursed Mark all over the world.

With Tosaka defeated, it fell on Boruto to stop Jugo’s rampage. I liked how it was made clear the young hero was nowhere close to Jugo’s power levels. So, Boruto had to rely on his smarts with some help from Sumire. Again, as I have continued to mention in my reviews, I’m a fan of Sumire as a character. Her arc parallels Jugo’s when it comes to finding your own way and not becoming a weapon of mass destruction.

‘Migration Season’ revealed why Sumire decided to leave her team and join the Scientific Ninja Tools Department. I had been wondering why she made such a move ever since it was shown in the manga. Her justification made sense. I’ll be disappointed to see her go, but at least she will be off improving her connection with Nue and becoming stronger.

While some fans want Boruto and Salad to become a couple, as far as my opinion goes, if Boruto doesn’t end up with Mitsuki, Sumire is the next best option.

Talking about Salad, I liked her little conversation with Karin as they tried to prevent the infected birds from leaving the area. Even though the episode allowed her not to go through with it, I appreciated Salad being mature enough to understand why the infected geese had to be killed off to save the world.

What did you think of ‘Migration Season’? Do you hope to see Karin, Suigetsu, and Jugo again? Let us know!

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