Boruto: Naruto Next Generations 1×177 Review – “The Iron Wall’s Sensing System”

the iron wall's sensing system brouto episode 177 review
Time for Inojin to do his thing in ‘The Iron Wall’s Sensing System’ (Image: Screengrab)

‘The Iron Wall’s Sensing System’ focused on Inojin and his parents as we got to learn more about the Chakra-centric security method being used by the Hidden Leaf Village.

In the previous episode, we saw Naruto deciding not to prevent people from entering or leaving the village. Due to not wanting to cause any inconvenience to the villagers, he focused on strengthening overall security. ‘The Iron Wall’s Sensing System’ showed Ino working with a team of Sensory ninjas and specialists to test the village’s automated security system.

As I have mentioned before, I appreciate the anime taking the time to flesh out characters that aren’t Boruto, Naruto, Sasuke, and Kawaki. The manga’s yet to allow other characters to shine. So, yeah, I’m all for the anime delivering episodes that show what the rest of the cast are up to and how they’re playing their part in keeping the Hidden Leaf Village safe.

I enjoyed seeing Ino in her element. She’s an exceptional Sensory ninja. The way she, as a teenager, was able to telepathically connect everyone on the battlefield during the Fourth Great Ninja War was a feat I highly doubt other Sensory ninjas could have pulled off. That’s why it made sense she was the one leading the current program to perfect the village’s Chakra-sensing system.

Seeing his mother in such a light was quite surprising for Inojin. He’s aware she’s a ninja, but he’s mostly seen her running the family’s flower shop. I liked how impressed Inojin ended up being with his mother. Of course, he felt a bit pressured. As her son, other people were expecting amazing results from the young ninja. However, Inojin’s not someone interested in using his Clan’s Sensory Jutsu. Being a more artistic person, he’s comfortable with using his father Sai’s Super Beast Scroll Jutsu.

I appreciated how Ino handled her son’s interest. She didn’t want to make him feel pressured and reassured him that he should find and follow his own path as a ninja. It’s similar to how Sakura (an exceptional Medical Ninja) hasn’t been forcing Medical Jutsu on her daughter, Salad. Kudos to the anime writers for showcasing what healthy parenting looks like.

‘The Iron Wall’s Sensing System’ did give Inojin the opportunity to polish his Sensory Jutsu, though. But on his own terms. After detecting a suspicious Chakra signature, it was interesting to see him combine his Sensory and Super Beast Scroll techniques. He’s on his way to becoming an impressive ninja by combing the different things Ino and Sai have taught him.

As for the sensing system itself, the episode made it clear that it’s not perfect. After an unregistered Chakra signature’s detected while entering the village, the intruder needed to be swiftly apprehended because there’s a risk of losing said person after a while.

With the Boruto anime series coming closer to the content shared in the manga, the village’s current sensing system and Ino are going to play an important role. I can’t wait to see that particular scene be animated.

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