“Sasuke Retsuden” Manga Issue 6 Review

Sasuke Retsuden issue 6 review
Angry chickens and dinosaur fossils in front of Sasuke (Screengrab: Sasuke Retsuden Issue 6)

Sasuke Retsuden issue 6 had Sasuke and Sakura make major progress in their quest to unlock the mystery behind the Ultra Particles.

The latest chapter of the Sasuke Retsuden manga opened with Sasuke trying to make sense of seeing a bunch of chickens looking back at him in a hidden room. I don’t know if he also noticed the dinosaur fossils around him, though. I guess we will get an answer soon enough.

With Zanzul making his way to the same room, I liked the reveal that the version of Sasuke present inside said room was a Shadow Clone. The real Sasuke was working with Jiji outside the building. With the Shadow Clone Jutsu being closely associated with Naruto and Boruto, it’s sometimes easy for the fandom to forget that other ninjas like Kakashi and Sasuke can perform it too. In theory, Sakura should also be able to make Shadow Clones due to her perfect chakra control. But, from what I know, we are yet to see her do that in any installment of the Naruto/Boruto franchise.

Anyway, with the Shadow Clone dispersing before Zanzul’s arrival, the real Sasuke was able to learn about what his clone saw. He’s quite interested to find the truth behind the existence of a chicken-filled room. However, I think certain manga-only readers likely joined the dots already.

As for Sakura, she got a message from Kakashi about the developments concerning the Prime Minister of Redaku, Queen Manari, and Prince Nanara. Again, I have my fingers crossed that the highly-enjoyable Kakashi Retsuden novel also gets a manga as well as an anime adaptation soon. Both novels are closely linked together. And yes, I want to see Kakashi face an entire army on his own. Those particular scenes will look epic in anime form.

Trying to find Sasuke to give him an update caused Sakura to walk into the prison cafeteria and wait for her husband. That’s where we got some more development for her and Sasuke’s relationship as well as major progress in the current mystery the husband and wife duo was focused on.

The scene where Sakura explained what her husband was like to Ganno and Ganno figuring out that she was talking about Sasuke made me laugh. Turns out, Ganno had been noticing Sasuke sitting in the exact same spot as Sakura in the cafeteria and waiting for the almond tree outside to bloom. Sasuke stopped doing that when he learned about Sakura being present in the prison. Ganno was able to deduce Sakura was Sasuke’s wife because he connected Sakura’s distinctive pink hair to how the flowers of the almond tree resembled the sakura flower. So, yeah, Sasuke had been missing his wife during his current mission in the Tatar Observatory and wanted to see the almond tree bloom to feel close to her, in a way. Ugh! My heart!

Sasuke Retsuden Issue 6 review
Sakura notices the blooming almond tree (Sacreebgrab: Sasuke Retsuden Issue 6)

Talking to Ganno about how humans had the habit of thinking of themselves as being the center of the universe is what led to Sakura cracking the code hidden in the Map of the Heavens to find the Ultra Particles.

I think the creative team did a good job of explaining how Sakura came to her conclusion about the Ultra Particles being hidden behind ninjutsu and how the two of the strongest hands in the Star Lines game served as a guide involving which of the 12 hand signs to use to release said ninjutsu. I love a Naruto/Boruto story that shows how brilliant Sakura’s supposed to be.

The only thing left was figuring out where to find the Ultra Particules to release and collect them. The Sage of the Six Paths hid the Ultra Particles in two locations known as ‘The Star That Never Strays’ and ‘The Sky That Fell To The Earth’. And that’s where Sasuke came in. His conversation with Jiji on the roof while picking through a shipment of apricots from the palace allowed him to learn about the existence of a lake created after a meteor fell to Earth decades ago.

With Sakura and Sasuke getting ready to head to that lake at night, I can’t wait to see a particular SasuSaku romantic moment from the novel being visualized in manga format! After how mangaka Shingo Kimura handled the wedding ring scene, I have high hopes Kimura will do the lake scene justice.

Sasuke Retsuden issue 6 was a shorter chapter than the previous installments. But I think it still delivered when it came to moving the plot forward by a lot. Also, it made sense to end the chapter where it did and allow the lake scene to properly play out during the next installment.

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