Boruto: Naruto Next Generations 1×183 Review – “The Hand”

The Hand Boruto anime 183 review
Team 7 getting to meet Akita and reuniting with Sumire in ‘The Hand’ (Image: Screengrab)

The latest Boruto anime episode, titled ‘The Hand’, was about helping our main character accept the usefulness of scientific ninja tools while the Kara organization tried to find the traitor in their midst.

Seeing Boruto warming up to scientific ninja tools has been an interesting little arc for him. Due to his experience of using such a tool to cheat in the Chunin Exams, it’s understandable he wants to prove he’s strong without ever needing to use such items. But as Salad and Mitsuki have explained to him, there’s scientific equipment all around them (and technology is only going to progress). So, ninjas using such items during battle isn’t a bad thing.

‘The Hand’ took us to the Advanced Technology Research Institute in Ryutan City. It might appear small, but Boruto got to know it was larger than the institute present in the Hidden Leaf Village because the majority of the structure was underground.

I also liked how excited Salad got when Katasuke told him the institute was being run by a young woman named Akita Inuzuka. Due to Salad wanting to become the Hokage, it’s great for her to see other women in positions of power. Yes, Salad’s mother Sakura oversees the medical duties in the Hidden Leaf Village and other locations and she’s also one of the Hokage-candidates if something happens to Naruto, but it’s good for Salad to know of other capable women doing what they’re passionate about.

Talking about Salad, I smiled when she and Boruto couldn’t understand why Akita thought Katasuke was handsome. Of course, someone like Akita was going to see Katasuke as a handsome man because she admired how smart he was. Adults can find other adults attractive for many reasons that don’t have anything to do with how they look.

Boruto and Salad will realize that too when they grow older. Mitsuki got it, though! He’s the best! And we all know Mitsuki loves Boruto’s personality and doesn’t care about how Boruto looks.

‘The Hand’ also brought back Sumire. It’s been quite a while since Team 7’s seen her. Of course, they’re happy she’s doing well. I can’t wait to find out what kind of powerhouse Sumire will become once she gets Nue under control and sharpens her skills in scientific research.

I enjoyed the conversation Sumire had with Boruto about how the ninjas from the Hidden Leaf Village and Katasuke were similar. All of them wanted to support the village and they were providing said support in different ways. Seeing Chamaru (Akita’s ninja-dog) running around on his little prosthetic hind leg really helped Boruto realize the good things scientific research had to offer.  

Also, Sumire’s ready to come back to the village! So, yay!

I’m not sure if you know this, but when it comes to shipping, I ship Sumire and Boruto. I know that Mitsuki loves Boruto. But, at this point, it’s one-sided, in my opinion. So, fingers crossed, Mitsuki finds someone who makes him happy, when Team 7 ages a bit.

‘The Hand’ had a fun scene involving Salad vs Boruto and Mitsuki. By using a single bomb that emitted a flash of light and an annoying sound to shut down an opponent’s senses, Salad was able to beat both boys on her own. 

While the young ninjas had fun testing different tools, the Kara organization was busy finding the traitor. The anime’s been doing a good job of making Delta, Code, and Boro feel like actual characters. Delta’s hot-headed. Code’s quite chill. And Boro has an ego problem. We didn’t get a lot of personality from them in the manga. So, I continue to appreciate what the anime writers are doing.

Also, yes to the anime team deciding not to change Salad’s outfit to match her manga counterpart. What she’s wearing in the manga (complete with six-inch heels) makes no sense as an outfit for a ninja.

With Naruto ordering Boruto, Salad, and Mitsuki to see what happened to Konohamaru and Mugino, the upcoming episodes are going to make Team 7 face certain Kara members. I can’t wait!

What did you think of ‘The Hand’?

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