“Boruto: Naruto Next Generations” Manga Issue 39 Review: Proof

Proof Boruto manga 39 review
Salad and Kawaki (holding his prosthetic hand) in ‘Proof’ (Image: Boruto Manga Chapter 39)

The events that occurred in Boruto manga issue 39 ‘Proof’ ended up going against everything I had predicted. And you know what? I’m okay with that. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

After Jigen sealed Naruto and Sasuke retreated to the village, I thought our heroes would take a bit of time to regroup and come up with a game plan. But nopes! Kawaki and Boruto had something else in mind. Y’all, Boruo, Kawaki, Salad, and Mitsuki decided to go into the dimension Naruto’s trapped in.

Like, WHAT? Even though it was a plan fueled by emotions, it still made sense considering what we know about our young heroes. There’s no way Team 7 and Kawaki weren’t going to try and rescue Naruto if they had the opportunity to do so. However, with Boro (one of the Kara members) already present in that dimension, I’m not sure how Team 7 and Kawaki will fare against him. The Kara members aren’t a joke. And I hope Kawaki and the rest are able to figure out something to at least not die during the inevitable battle.

As for the adults, I understood where Shikamaru was coming from when he revealed he had never trusted Kawaki. But, I also think he should have planned better. It’s Shikamaru after all. Letting four young ninjas escape his grasp wasn’t a good look.

‘Proof’ continued to tease that Kashin Koji isn’t who he appears to be. Is he a good guy, or does he want to take down Jigen for more nefarious reasons? I’m looking forward to knowing the answer. The fandom theories involve him being related to Jiraiya. He could be Jiraiya’s son or even a clone.

Talking about Jigen, his fight with Naruto and Sasuke really pushed his limits. If only Naruto and Sasuke had taken some backup (Sakura or even Shikamaru) with them, I think the two would have been able to defeat Jigen. At least, the good news is that Jigen does have a limit… for now.

Jigen talked about Kawaki and Boruto having the potential to become powerful Otsutsuki. Apparantly, Kawaki will awaken as the Perfect Otsutsuki. With how Kawaki is able to do what Jigen can, does that mean Boruto can do what Momoshiki can? I have a lot of questions.

The emotional beats in ‘Proof’ dealt with Kawaki wanting to save Naruto because the Seventh Hokage was the only one who’s ever been kind to him. Salad also talked about how she used to be jealous of Boruto and Naruto’s relationship because of Sasuke being absent from her life. Over time she was able to realize that even though she and Naruto weren’t related by blood, Naruto still considered her (and the rest of the village) his family.

Coming to my predictions for Boruto manga chapter 40 (which will be released next month), I think Team 7 and Kawaki won’t be able to defeat Boro. After putting up a good fight, I think Sasuke will come to offer help. Fingers crossed, he brings Sakura along for the fight.

Some thoughts and questions:

  • What was up with the panel where Amado looked at Delta when Jigen said Amado’s wishes will be fulfilled. Did Amado create Delta? Does he want her to become a proper human being?
  • I’m telling you all, I think Salad and Kawaki are going to be a thing. Such a pairing will leave Boruto to potentially begin a relationship with Sumire, or (if the manga team allows it) with Mitsuki.
  • Team 7 needs a medical ninja. I get very worried about the team when our young heroes face dangerous situations. None of them knows healing jutsus. Teach your daughter some medical tricks, Sakura! I’ll be fine even if Mitsuki becomes the team healer. I just need a doctor on the team.
  • What is Kashin Koji planning?

What did you think of ‘Proof’? Let us know.

Author: Farid-ul-Haq

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  1. All I can hope for, is when the timeskip begins, yet I think that Boruto and the others who have entered the dimension where Naruto is trapped in for now and facing Boro, might lead to a bit of a conflict.

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