“Boruto: Naruto Next Generations” Manga Issue 40 Review: The Invisible Jutsu

The Invisible Jutsu Boruto Manga 40 review
Salad and Mitsuki on the Boruto Manga 40 ‘The Invisible Jutsu’ Cover

‘The Invisible Jutsu’, the latest Boruto manga chapter, gave us an exciting action sequence. Even though I have no idea how the four young ninjas will be able to defeat a powerful enemy, I’m very excited to see them try.

A lot of the recent Boruto manga chapters have focused on Kawaki and his growing relationship with the Uzumaki family. And while I have enjoyed those interactions, focusing more on Kawaki and Boruto led to less panel time for Salad and Mitsuki. That’s why I appreciated Boruto manga issue 40 allowing Mitsuki and Salad to be more active in the current storyline.

‘The Invisible Jutsu’ opened with Shikamaru being frustrated about Boruto and his team going to save Naruto on their own. I couldn’t help but smile at Shikamaru during that particular scene. If he was younger, he would have done the same thing and not wait around for any of the grownups to help.

Also, how the heck are Hinata and Himawari still not back from their shopping trip?

Anyway, the good news is that Sasuke’s no longer in critical condition because Sakura was able to heal him. I’m not sure if he’ll fully recover in time, though.

My guess is that he’ll be strong enough to open a portal and allow a couple of other ninjas (fingers crossed, the team includes Sakura) to go in and rescue the kids.

Also, did the manga show Sakura wearing an earring because that’s how Sasuke can track her? Did she transform the ring he gave her in the Sasuke Retsuden novel into an earring? Or am I thinking too much about it?

As for the kids, ‘The Invisible Jutsu’ showcased many of Boro’s attacks. He can throw a lot of acid at his opponents. He also has a mysterious dark mist that paralyzes others and can’t be absorbed by the Karma mark. Other than those skills, his regenerative power is incredibly fast.

The latest manga chapter further confirmed the fan theory about Boruto being a vessel for Momoshiki by revealing it to our little hero.

In my opinion, the fight between Team 7 (which now includes Kawaki) and Boro was very dynamic and I can’t wait to see it get animated. I liked how Salad and Mitsuki kept their cool while Boruto and Kawaki couldn’t control their emotions while trying to save Naruto.

Even though the two were able to land powerful attacks on Boro, the black mist worked to completely restrict their movement. Mitsuki had to jump in to save his boyfriend (Boruto) before the mist could stop him, too.

Mitsuki and Salad were amazing in this issue. She literally threw a giant rock at Boro. Talk about impressive physical strength.

The Invisible Jutsu Boruto Manga 40 review
Salad in ‘The Invisible Jutsu’ (Image: Boruto manga 40)

I would have liked for the manga to share how she was able to activate all six of the tomoe in her eyes. Here’s hoping we get that development during the anime filler arcs.

Give Salad more screentime! 

After buying themselves some time, it seems Salad has a counter-attack in mind. Fingers crossed it works the way she wants it to. We’ll have to wait until next month to find out.

Feel free to share your thoughts about Boruto manga issue 40 ‘The Invisible Jutsu’ with us.

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