“Boruto: Two Blue Vortex” Manga Issue 4 Review: The Awakening

The Awakening Boruto Two Blue Vortex issue 4 review
Kawaki on the cover of Boruto: Two Blue Vortex manga chapter 4 ‘The Awakening’

Boruto: Two Blue Vortex manga issue 4, titled ‘The Awakening’, introduced a major change in the current story as new threats appeared to make our young hero’s life tougher.

With Code teleporting back to the dimension he’s trapped the Ten-Tails in, ‘The Awakening’ had him think about what Boruto told him regarding getting rid of his Claw Grimes army before it’s too late. Even though Code wanted Boruto dead, I think he should have enough sense to heed Boruto’s warning. Unless I’m mistaken, Code’s aware of Momoshiki being able to see the future. So, Code should put more stock in what Boruto said. But then again, it’s Code we’re talking about. He’s not the smartest cookie out there.

Due to Boruto being able to place a small toad on Code in the previous chapter, he’s able to teleport to Code’s secret location to put an end to the Ten-Tails. I liked how Boruto’s shown capable of using Minato’s signature Flying Raijin Jutsu. That’s a great Jutsu to have up your sleeve. Also, Boruto sharing that he hadn’t completely mastered said Jutsu yet was a nice touch to showcase how skilled Minato was at using it.

Even though Boruto managed to appear in Code’s hideout, it was unfortunately too late. Seeing the Ten-Tails vanish really took me by surprise. Masashi Kishimoto did a good job of amping up the tension as the current threat gradually escalated in the current chapter.

It’s revealed that the Ten-Tails had managed to transform itself into Claw Grimes possessing an unexpected sense of individuality. They still had the instinct to devour an Otsutsuki to create the Chakra Fruit. Their goal was to end all life on the planet they were on. However, their recently awakened sense of curiosity and wanting to seek knowledge was overriding their instinct to bite… for now.

The identity of the four new threats has definitely got the fandom talking online. There are so many theories out there already. The first awakened Claw Grime (or Divine Tree) was confirmed to be a Bug lookalike. The second one resembled Isshiki. The third one looked like Moegi. And the fourth appeared to be… drum roll… freaking Sasuke!

According to Boruto, people who turned into trees after being bitten by a Claw Grime were being used by the awakened Claw Grimes to create their physical appearance. Not only that, they also seemed capable of using the techniques of the people they fashioned their looks after. If one of them truly had access to Isshiki’s powers, poor Boruto better get ready for a rough ride.

At this point, I don’t know how our heroes will be able to face such a threat. As of right now, only Boruto and Kawaki had a good chance against them. Mitsuki might be able to do something, too, via his Sage Mode. However, I have no idea about the power levels the rest of their peers managed to achieve during the time skip. Things were already dire and Kishimoto found a way to make them even worse. I wouldn’t be surprised if Daemon and Eida were forced to step in.

The Moegi awakened Claw Grime (if that’s indeed her) getting to fight Konohamaru, Shikadai, Inojin, and Chocho could make for an interesting emotional moment. But again, I don’t know if that particular team of heroes is going to be strong enough to win such a battle.

Also, I can’t help but wonder if Moegi turned into a tree when the Claw Grimes recently attacked Konoha or if something happened to her during the time skip. I would like to know.

Boruto being forced to retreat made sense, especially with Code deciding not to help him during a 4-v-1 battle. I mean, the fact that Boruto even thought Code would aid him was kind of funny to me. It’s Code. He wanted Boruto dead, even if it involved someone else accomplishing such a task.

Due to the situation Boruto’s in, I hope he decides to reach out to Salad for help. Boruto’s got Kashin Koji in his corner, but he’s going to need more allies. Fingers crossed, Boruto doesn’t take too long to warn Konoha about the latest threat to the entire world.

‘The Awakening’ also took a moment to showcase a conversation between Kawaki and Salad in the Hokage office. Salad continued to be adamant about siding with Boruto. However, Kawaki wasn’t having none of it. I liked how Salad called Kawaki out on his hypocrisy, considering he’s an Otsutsuki too, like Boruto. Kawaki mentioned ending his life after he’d killed Boruto (the only remaining Otsutsuki). But I don’t know if Kawaki’s got it in him to go through with taking his own life. Especially the current older version.

There’s a whole lot of tension between Kawaki and Salad. And while I know that Salad winning against Kawaki isn’t a guarantee, I do want them to fight with each other at least once. Such a battle could make for an intense emotional conflict and it will allow Salad to, more or less, go all out against an opponent who can take what she dishes out.

Mitsuki and Boruto also need to fight. And by fight I mean kissing and making up.

Now, I can’t end my review without mentioning Sasuke’s current status as a tree. He’s still alive in there, but the visual of him being stuck in a tree did make me laugh. Sakura’s a flower. Salad’s… well, Salad. And now Sasuke’s a tree. What’s up with the Uchiha family being linked to flora?

I do hope we get to find out when Sasuke was transformed into a tree soon. It does look like it’s been a while and Kashin Koji took up training Boruto after Sasuke’s unfortunate fate.

Some other thoughts and questions:

  • With the people inside the tree still alive, I hope Sakura’s the one who figures out a way to help them. I want her to get something to do in the story.
  • I will gladly take tree Sasuke over a dead Sasuke.
  • Where’s Momoshiki? Seeing him not have any telepathic conversations with an older Boruto kind of felt weird to me. Is Momoshiki gone for good or has Boruto become capable of suppressing him completely?
  • I’m not a fan of the outfits being worn by the awakened Claw Grimes. I think they could have been a lot better.
  • I would like to know for how long a person can remain alive after being turned into a tree.

What did you think of Boruto: Two Blue Vortex manga issue 4 ‘The Awakening’?

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