Visually Stunning Metroidvania RPG Platformer “Worldless” Debuts Today!

Worldless game 2023
Wordless (Image: PR/Thunderful/Coatsink/Noname Studios)

Thunderful, Coatsink, and Noname Studios have announced that the visually stunning turn-based Metroidvania platforming title Worldless is now available on PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and the Nintendo Switch.

I have been keeping an eye out for Wordless ever since I got to know about it a few months back. The visuals instantly grabbed my attention and now that I have watched the launch trailer, I have to say that the gameplay looks very interesting as well.

The story of Wordless is set in a newborn universe where entities have been forced into endless combat due to the polarizing “nature of their attractions”. From what I can understand, the theme is very light vs dark, and then, possibly, the two sides will come together (via the character you play as) to defeat a very threatening being.

From the way the character moves to the range of abilities you will be able to use, the creative team seems to have done an impressive job of offering the usual RPG-style elements in a unique visual package. I can’t get over how the character moves across the 2D platformer terrain in a fluid-like state. I’m mesmerized and want to try the controls out for myself.

Here’s the trailer!

Talking about the combat, the gameplay features a turn-based system. However, there’s also an addition of real-time action and time-based mechanics that you will need to get the hang of to see success during defending and combining attacks.

Enemies can be absorbed as you move around the various settings searching for answers to certain secrets. There’s also a skill tree to help you upgrade and unlock new things. There’s also a ‘weakness’ system when facing certain threats.

You can learn more about Worldless by following the game on Twitter (@worldless_game) and visiting the official website (

As for Noname Studios, the indie establishment was founded in Barcelona by local industry veterans, with Worldless being the company’s first title.

Wordless is currently available on Steam for only $7.37 USD. It will go back to the original price of $8.19 after the 10% discount ends come November 27, 2023. There’s also a free demo available.

Do you want to play Worldless?

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