“Bayonetta 3” Summons Stunning New Gameplay Trailer Before October Release!

bayonetta 3 gameplay trailer
Bayonetta 3 (Image: Nintendo Store)

Bayonetta 3 got a new gameplay trailer before the upcoming October 28, 2022, release date. I really hope this title delivers for a fandom that’s been waiting a long time for more Bayonetta content.

Bayonetta 3 will show the iconic witch using her skills and powerful attacks to save the world from manmade bioweapons called Homunculi. So, yeah, this time around she’s going up against beings that aren’t necessarily demons or angels. I mean, in hindsight, having her go from attacking angels to demons to manmade stuff does make a lot of sense.

The upcoming hack-and-slash game, which is being described as a “globe-trotting adventure” will also feature the journalist Luka, the Platinum Witch named Jeanne, and a new ally named Viola who is a witch-in-training. Viola uses a sword and magical darts, offering a new type of battle style to players. Apparently, she holds the key to the current story.

The new gameplay trailer showcased some awesome moves that Bayonetta/Cereza will be able to perform to defeat enemies. While mashing buttons will make the queer icon unleash combos, dodging enemy attacks at the right moment will activate ‘Witch Time’, which will slow down time for a brief moment. Dodging at the last possible moment will lead to ‘Witch Time’ lasting longer. So, studying enemy moments is important. I can already see certain players challenging each other to see who gets to have ‘Witch Time’ last the longest.

Bayonetta can also summon massive demons to face bigger threats. Take note; Bayonetta will be exposed to attacks while a demon remains summoned. Also, summoning demons will continue to consume her magic bar. Infernal demons can be used to execute combos with Bayonetta. For example, the summoned demon can stun an enemy and Bayonetta can follow that up with one of her Torture Attacks. 

Moving on, ‘Wink Slave’ lets you demonstrate a cool-looking finisher at the end of a combo. ‘Assault Slave’ lets you summon a demon to counter an incoming attack. You can also go for ‘Witch Time’ and then summon a demon to get in some nice hits. Players will need to find the right balance between when to summon infernal demons and when to control Bayonetta during battle. Also, the abilities of different demons can be used to explore a variety of areas. 

When playing as Viola, ‘Witch Time’ can be activated by blocking incoming attacks at the right time. She has a demon named Cheshire (bound to her sword) that she can summon. While Cheshire is summoned, Viola ends up having to attack barehanded and without being able to activate the ‘Witch Time’ ability.

As for other gameplay features, the difficulty settings can be changed at any time. The three difficulty modes are Casual, Standard, and Expert. An accessory called the ‘Immortal Mariontte’ can aid with game progress, but it comes with a penalty when used at Standard or higher levels.

Here’s the awesome gameplay trailer!

I’m so excited!!! Bayonetta 2 came out back in 2014. So, it has been a while. I get that certain people aren’t happy with the third installment also being a Nintendo Switch exclusive. But it is what it is.

You can go ahead and pre-order Bayonetta 3 right now at the Nintendo Store.

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