Untitled Goose Game Is Good Goosey Fun

September 20th, 2019 will be a day that goes down in history.  Millions marched for the Climate Strike, dozens “raided” Area 51, and the greatest game of our generation was released: Untitled Goose Game.

When Untitled Goose Game was first announced, it felt like a brilliant, ridiculous parody game.  But then I learned it was actually real.  The game, created by Australia-based indie studio House House, lets you play as a goose and cause mayhem in a small town.  You can cause a mess, steal items, and generally just be a nuisance to all the NPCs around you.  That’s it.  That’s the game.

The game play is pretty straightforward, though you wouldn’t think so by watching me attempting to open a gate for ten minutes (see video below).  You can honk, walk around, flap your wings, duck, and grab things.  That’s basically it.  The key to knowing how to progress through the game is to figure out what you need to grab and put where, and who you need to annoy in what way.  Once you figure this out, you unlock new areas and find even more people to bother.

For those looking for some grand story arc or intense rewards for gaming, this is probably not the game for you. But that’s okay, because it’s certainly the game for me and a lot of other people.  The concept is so wholesome and silly, it’s hard to not laugh while playing it.  And even the title itself is so absurd that it brings a smile to my face.  Why think of a different title when the concept of the game became famous with the working title?  It’s perfect.

As my excitement for Untitled Goose Game could not be contained, I used it to launch our brand new Twitch channel.  Please subscribe!  We are planning a lot more programming in the coming months beyond this goosey goodness, so you’ll want to keep your eye on the channel there.  This is especially true if you like The Sims!

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Untitled Goose Game is available on the Epic Games Store for Microsoft Windows and macOS, as well as on the Nintendo Switch.

Author: Angel Wilson

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